WIP of a MOC

Wipppity Wip
This is a Work In Progress

It looks like he is going to turn out pretty tall when he is finished.
I am thinking about calling him K'sal. What do you think?

Also, I apologise for the mediocre photo.


I like how the Knights Kingdom shoulder spikes complement Nuparu's mohawk


The waist might end up too skinny imo.

That's exactly why I put them there :wink:

Yeah, I see what you mean.


It's looking great, but I'm curious about how you did the blue eyes with the Inika mask.

looks really good, but I'd look into a way to make the upper arms a smidge wider

He shall be named Saitama!

Good job BTW.

I remember seeing a tutorial where they put a sticky note in the head to change eye color.

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at least it's more complete than my self Mocs WIP

This looks cool so far, can't wait to see the rest of it! :smile:

The mask goes so nicely with the shoulders. Great work, can't wait to see the finished product. :smile:

Apostrophes are cool.

I think it looks cool so far! As others have stated, I think the torso should be a little thicker. The arms look nice! I also think I know how the Knights Kingdom armor was attached. Good thinking!

It looks pretty good so far. Do you have any idea about how you are going to do the legs?

I might suggest trying to give him more fat in the waist.

I do. I just need to order some more parts :stuck_out_tongue:

He looks like a punk rocker.

Ey! He actually kinda does :smile: