WIP Project: Father Fire (real name will not put out yet) (LDD)

so today I got the idea to revamp an LDD MOC of mine from three years ago, this is the head im gonna work with,as i use this a lot with demon types, oh crud muffins! Im already saying too much! But for now im gonna let you guys think on this, so here is the head i am working on, for one of my projects, known as Project: Father Fire.


This is a wip right?
Anyways, the vine are interesting but looks off from the bushing.


Well in that case,
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Yes it is a WIP @Square. The vines are actually horns,or trying to make some,that dont look super smooth,but that look ragged and lethal.

It’s just a head, yet it looks really cool.

@DannyBoyy Thank you for the feedback. I actully have an update of him atm, it is called WIP LDD project: Father Fire PART 2, and yea when I was making the head, i wanted a demonic animalistic vibe from it,while still feeling like royalty.

here is an update to the project, i finally got him a body and tail,but i might make the tail larger. the torso is a modified one from a how-to done by someone on facebook, i might add more things to the torso but still need to find a way to keep it like a combo of warrior and tribal,next thing to work on,the legs!

Thank you, i am still new to the page and didnt understand the double posting rule, in the future any updates will be done like this.

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Apparently not enough not to do it. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I give you the third update! he now has legs and also has some modifacatons to the tail and other spots,i think, now all he lacks is arms! i am loving the overall build so far


This is looking very intriguing, kind of like an Aisian dragon. Look forward to seeing it done!

Thank you @Sabretooth for your Feedback. in a way he is inspired by animal,but more of the demonic beasts of his world or other worlds.