WIP: Toa Rohgak, Corrupted Embodiment of Water

Once just another Toa, this guy was manipulated and mutated by the bad guys.
Pictures are taken against the light source because I think it would be too much of a spoiler. :confused:

He has a larger backstory and an actual name; Rohgak is the bad guy. As you can see, the legs are yet to be built. He’s got a dark/trans blue and yellow/keetorange color scheme, with a lot of black. The trans green accents are supposed to be sea weed.

Edit: Here are pictures with better lighting.


I can’t see anything.

Wait now I can. The top torso needs some coverage, but everything else is pretty good.

I know. I intentionally took the pictures that way. I’ll edit it into the main post.


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Well… I would say something about this Moc if I could see anything… I guess from what I can see it looks good(?)

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So like, why would you post it then, because I barely see anything.

Just because I wanted to. If it’s really that horrible, I’ll add some pictures with better lighting.
Edit: Better pictures in the main post.

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Uhh, I don’t think I’d call those “good quality”

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Some pictures where we can see the moc would be nice.
Because I can’t really critique or comment on it as it is.

Edit - That is much better, from what I can tell I kinda like it apart from the messy colours

There they are.


That is much better thank you. I like it.

Now that I can actually see what is going on, I can say that this is very nice!

This looks pretty dope, love the spike collar and the seaweed accents. Can’t wait to see the finished product

I don’t like the keet orange.

Dude that looks amazing! Seriously I love it! Very well made and a sweet build. The colors work really well for me and the crazy collar is awesome. Not to mention it has a very solid build over all. Awesome MOC

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This moc said screw legs I don’t need them anyway

Awesome. But it looks more like a titan then a toa to me.

I was never under the impression they are different species.

Titan has always just been a loose term from marketing for anything big.

i really like this moc so far expect im not that happy with the helmet

I just saw its black figure and i loved it.