WIP Umarak the destroyer

I said I probably would never get to make an umarak destroyer moc since the set was never resealed in Australia (cries)... guess I was wrong

this moc is very dis-proportioned compared to the actual set, I think at the moment it's a bit of a down grade, I mean my kulta moc is taller than it, if any one has a hand design suggestion I would appreciate it alot, as i'm struggling to create a hand design that replicates the original set. i also had to do the best I can to make a mutated mask of control since I don't have those gold curved horn pieces.


I like it! The overall stance and silhouette manages to still resemble his prior form a great deal, but there's enough bulkiness to convey that he's transformed.


At the moment, the horns and lime green doesn't work for this moc-
But the build is pretty bulky and can be it's own character with different arrangement.
(also do you have a 2014 chima set lying around somewhere?)

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no I din't really find interest in the chima sets (now I wish I got the ccbs sets but oh well) but i'll see what I'll see can do with the horns.

Get rid of the gold is the best for this MOC. the head is really good, as are the legs.

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This MOC doesn''t really feel like destroyer. I think this is because of the change in color scheme. Other than that nice MOC.

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I hope that you will fix it...

The torso looks really promising and well shaped! It really captures the original Umarak the Destroyer well. The only thing I wonder about is the feet, they look a little small for this build. Perhaps using CCBS or BBS foot pieces would work better than regular system parts.

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