WIP : Unnamed moc-Torso help ? :)

Hey brothers and sisters.
I really need your help.
This is my first custom build soo bee good on me please :smiley:
I had fun with legs but i really and i mean REALLY dont know how to create equal torso.
Have any of you any ideas ? Or some skeleton build to share ? :slight_smile:
Please let me know.


I honestly couldn’t tell they were legs until I read the description. It’s really just too blocky and busy, too much going on.


looks alright thus far, they look a bit messy, but they’re ok. for a torso, I’d advise a Hordika chest plate and maybe some World of Warcraft sized pauldrons.


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Advice 1:
Cut that thing down to size.

Maybe making big MOCs just makes you happy, and that’s fine. But this size is almost entirely unmanageable without massive amounts of experience and detail.


The thing is, its not really much of a torso. More of a set of hips and legs.

yea, he’s asking for torso designs.

this exactly.

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@Ekorak you again ? :joy: yeah it makes me happy and i dont have felling for details just for cluttered owful things got it :joy:
@MaximusPrime bro i know thats why im asking for torso for this :grin:

Yes and unless you specifically request I not comment on your designs I will continue for all further creations. It’s what I do around here :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, if you enjoy it, that’s what’s important I guess. I don’t like the look of it - it looks cluttered, overdone, and needlessly large - but MOCing is a passion and if this is how you enjoy it then I won’t be the one to tell you that you’re “wrong,” because there is no “wrong.”

I’ll leave you to it, I guess.


Oh. Probably should have read the description.

oh no a topic full of emojis my weakness

Im not good at moccing, I would say I suck at it, but I know that this moc aint going nowhere great, these legs all over the place I cant even tell where the knee is at, dunno, just feels so weird

I think the problem is the mumber of clashing textures. There’s too many different styles.

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