(WIP) Whaddon Toa Of Posion

this is the basic body build for all these toa, this one will be edited to be much more buff and powerful, his name comes from the user @Whaddon as he suggested the toa’s colour :slight_smile: so yeah




Quick little update, moved some peaces around ect
I also just found my Dark Green Paint :slight_smile: YAY
(The red bits on shoulders are not gonna be red, they are drying from a matt balck primer i just put on it as im doing all the paining on the torso tonight)

Update 3: COLOUR :
So I painted the torso XD hope u guys like the look :slight_smile: @Whaddon


Wait, hold on, Toa of Posion? Did you mean Psionics?

No I Mean Poison :slight_smile:

I kinda like the first version better, those big shells up front on the second look very obtrusive. Also, those red pieces give me a heart attack, but I know that can’t be helped. Can’t wait to see how this turns out!

Review in Progress / 10

Okay, thanks.

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the red is know gone as the black has been applied, the green paint job will be ready in 2 days so stay tuned :slight_smile: @RedMageGizmo

Lookin’ pretty good so far! :laughing:

This Might take longer than expected as my black spray primer ran out :l so i gotta go out and get some more, meaning it wont be fully dry by at least Thursday ;-;

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Very well made!

hahaha thanks :slight_smile: @SwagMeister

Brilliant design for the torso.

Thanks :smile:

Interesting, the one thing is that the shells on the torso make him look like a 90’s superhero, huge chest, arms and legs but really thin waste. It does look pretty cool though.

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Thanks :slight_smile: and yeah again it is my 3nd moc iv ever made XD
@Whaddon there has been a update as you can see above :slight_smile:

I know its amazing and suits me as well
Also what Kanohi will he be having? (My guess is Miru)

yes, but you can request a different one as i have not ordered from brick link yet :slight_smile:

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I Would Enjoy the Akaku Nuva Because I love the Design and you could colour the X-Ray part Red so it would Fit the Green

Sure Akaku Nuva It is :slight_smile:
Hopefully be ordering tonight or tomorrow, atm im working on the legs XD so the mask will be that last bit !! Then il have the 2nd member of the Hybrid Toa Team :slight_smile:

Btw the concept behind Toa of poison has been made, he is different from the rest of the toa team because he was a toa before he was a Hybrid, full story will be released when he is finished but i need to know what Toa element he should be before poison? i was thinking ice?

@Whaddon the toa of poison has no legs XD wanted to go for a weird style so he is like a serpent, so has a tale as his 1 leg XD
Bought to spray the tail,