Witch Doctor and Hudu

After a while I realized the previous revamp of Witch Doctor wasn’t exactly a great work of mine I decided to give it another shot as well as cannibalizing Wudu into it, and adding Hudu as Witch Doctor’s minion. Minus a slight bit of wobbling at the waist/abdomen area. Also dual wielding magical staves.

Detail shots:

Witch Doctor:



Really nice, I like the inclusion of the minion.

To start with criticism, the shoulders look a little too wide, the arms too thin, and the legs under-armored.
Aside from that, it looks like this MOC has the potential to be a really great revamp of Witch Doctor.
As for the minion, it’s frankly a bit of a mess.

The lower legs definitely need more armor and him having two staffs look a bit weird. However, I like the rest of the moc and the minion

Witch doctor is awesome, except for the legs. I feel they need to be bigger.
Good job!

this is pretty awesome, but the limbs seem kinda stubby

I know the limbs seem a little odd, my main intent was to make him look more like a sort of tribal shaman having those fur pieces attached to the limbs/body but instead of fur it’s armor plates.

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Witch Doctor and Hudu both look pretty great.
Though Hudu’s small arm looks skinny.

That’s on purpose, wanted to give him a sort of Igor-like disfigured minion feel and shape to him.

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