Witch Doctor - Revamp

Now hear me out on this one. True the original set does look nice the way it does, though it felt a little generic if you will, just another very tall humanoid baddie. Instead I used up the pieces I got from the partially complete set I bought to tweak on him a little. Though to be honest the main drive for that came from back in 2015 when I pretty much finished the MOC, this counting as the last MOC of 2015 for me still (just needed 1 more friction piece for the leg), you see my job at that car part store (the name’s Unix if it says anything to anyone) decided to fire me a day before Christmas, plus I still had a week left from my try-out too. So you can imagine I was a bit pissed off, but I managed to channel my emotions into building and after a while I got this guy. I may switch out a few lift arm pieces to white though, then again the white armor pieces on him now are like those fur clothing pieces on Shamans and Witch Doctors, same for his back, giving him a sort of cloak if you will. But what I probably like the most are the Toa Mata heads used on him as shrunken heads. He also has a gear function at the waist, a little something I thought I add just for fun.

Detail shots:


While I liked the set as it was, this is absolutely terrific. He really pulls of a tribal look that suits the character well.

The design doesn’t really resemble the original set, but this is an interesting take. I really like the chained Mata heads and spiked details.

Really the biggest problem I have with this MOC is that the torso looks very blocky, especially in the shoulder area. It really brings an otherwise terrific creation down a few pegs.


lil bit squished out but nice!

I’ll see if I can tweak it related to that, it has caught my attention too, but at the time I didn’t really have anything to add or alter.

Looks alright.

Personally I prefer the actual set, but the tribal aspects of this one make it appealing!

That’s a pretty awesome looking Which Doctor.

Looks neat, but I agree with Pakarination.


His design is a bit odd, but it looks pretty great on the MOC.

All the images are broken.

Odd, I have no idea why.



This is a really nice revamp! I really like how Witch Doctor came out, especially the custom torso, and I like his little assistant. Reminds me of Maxilos and Spinnax.

I recommend re-inserting the pictures into the main post.

I would do so, but I can’t seem to find the edit option for some reason.

I must be blind, I can’t see it there, I don’t get it.

Are you sure you’re logged in? If so, then I recommend reporting it as a bug in the site sub-forum (with screen-caps documenting it).

I’m logged in alright. I’ll report the bug.