Withered Skull Brute

So I decided to make a random “skull villain”. Just a quick moc, but I am pretty proud of how mangled he looks compared to the actual skull villain sets. I tried to make him look kinda like an old machine in areas, and I imagined his left arm to not originality be part of him. Anyways, enjoy. C&C is appreciated of course.


skull leg


I like the ‘decaying’ look
Maybe Withered Skull Warrior?

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I like the ‘withered’ part. I’ll update the name.

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whats this about wither skeletons
Quite messy, but, for what it’s trying to convey, that certainly works well.

He should find a new peg, it looks like trying to balance on a twig.

That’s kind of the point. As in the name, this dude is supposed to look pretty withered, so it only seems fitting that he would be balancing on a little twig. I can completely understand how you may not like it though.