Wolverine's Hand

So I had to make a 3D model for my science fair project a little while back. I have wanted to put it on the boards for awhile and am just now getting around to it.


This is genius. I may just build one of my own for a desk display.


Thanks. Glad you like it

It would’ve been cool if you added some kinda function to pull the claws in/out. But it’s completely fine without it. I never would’ve thought to use a HF torso for a hand.

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I built a gauntlet for spirit well at my school, and used the torso there. Thanks for the compliment. Adding a function never crossed my mind.

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I assume you used the red bones because you ran out of black bones? Even thought they show through the glove, it’s still a very clever construction.

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Yeah pretty much. Thanks

You could put some armor on the bone pieces, just to fill the glove and to look more realistic.

It is an old science model, aim probably going to scrap it soon, and the glove was hard enough to get on without any armor shells.

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I just said that you can make it better.

You can make it better, but it still is good.

Very clever use of the bone pieces

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Now I want to build a gauntlet.

curses /s

I built a gauntlet from the ccbs bones, sadly I didn’t get pictures before I wrecked it.


Then I guess I’ll just build my own lol

Edit: here it is