World of Mysterious Island(post-2003 redo)



WOMI is continuation of 2001-2003 story that takes its inspiration out of original post-2003 story.Its goal is to create wider world around mysterious island of Mata Nui,hence name.

List of Parts

WOMI is divided into several parts,which are themselves divided into several books.Currently announced parts are listed below.

  • ORIGINS deals with origin of matoran of Mata Nui.It is mainly based on 2004 and 2005.


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Chapter 1
“Toa,defenders of Mata Nui.We,Turaga,decided that it is time to return to place of our origin.” began his speech Turaga Vakama.

“I don’t head-understand.I belief-thought that Matoran are home-native to this giant-island.” said perplexed Lewa.

“When we all were threatened by darkness of Makuta,it would not be wise to to divulge truth.But now it is time to reveal it,at least to you.Our true home is island located deep under Mata Nui,island of Aviru.” replied elderly Turaga of Fire.

“Doesn’t that mean place of light in ancient tongue?” asked Gali.
“Yes,Gali,you are correct,it indeed means place of light.It was named such for strange patterns of light on it skies.” replied Turaga Nokama.

“Matoran left Aviru long,long ago,and we do not know if it is safe to return.It is up for you,Toa to find out.” continued Vakama
“Why matoran left their original home,island of Avi-what?Had it something to do with Makuta?” asked Toa of Stone,Pohatu.
“We think that yes,but are not sure.” said Po-Koronan Turaga,Onewa.

“When will we depart?” asked Toa of Fire,Tahu,as impatient as always.
“Has anyone more questions?” asked Turaga Vakama.Onua,Kopaka and Pohatu had.
“What is environment of Aviru?It may be useful to know.” asked Toa of Earth,Onua,curious about environment of island.
“We think it had six elemental regions like Mata Nui when we left it,but do not know its current state.” answered Turaga Whenua.

“Danger?” asked Kopaka.
*various rahi noises* answered Turaga Nuju.
“Please write that down,Nuju,Matoro is not present and Kopaka does not speak rahi tongue.And in Matoran,please.” asked Turaga Nokama.
On tablet Nuju handed Kopaka was written There may be danger.We know not.Beware.

“Why willn’t Takua go with us?” asked Pohatu,Toa of Stone.
“We need someone to defend island,but if we had chosen one of you,your unity would be broken as easily as chalk under hoof of Kane-Ra.” answered Onewa.

“It is time to go.” said Turaga Vakama.Group finally departed on journey to Ga-Koro.


Ga-Koro was buzzing like Nui-Rama hive.Soon,Toa will depart on mysterious voyage deep underground.

“When they will arrive?” asked excited Maku her best friend Hali.
“I think that soon.” answered Hali.
“I too!” happily agreed reassured Maku.“Isn’t it exciting?” she added.
“Yes,very much so.”

And they indeed arrived,sailing out of Naho Falls on small boat.They docked boat,boarding far larger ship that was docked in Ga-Koronan dock.Finally,all Toa were on board,and ship could set sail.

“They will depart soon!” yelled excited Maku.
“Yes,Maku.Where you think they will go?” replied Hali.
“Maybe to island full of ussal crabs!” happily answered Maku.

Excited Ga-Matoran were shouting their farewells to their heroes as ship sailed into mouth of cave,disappearing in its depths.Toa successfully departed Mata Nui.

Chapter 2

Toa’ ship was sailing through great cave lit by countless colorful lightstones.Ship itself was made from bamboo wood and propelled by Spark Drive,proudly invented by Nuparu.

On ship’s deck were coversating Pohatu and Onua,both sharing liking of cave’s rocky,subterranean environment.

“Impressive,don’t you think,Onua?” commented Pohatu.
“I agree.” answered Onua.“I never seen lightstones of so many colours…” he added.

“Lewa locked himself in cabin and refuses to go out.” continued Pohatu conversation.
“He dislikes water,so it is only natural.” replied Onua.

“Meanwhile,Gali is literary in her element.” said Pohatu.Onua chuckled at his friend’s joke.“It was wise decision to make her captain.” he added.


On other end of ship,Tahu and Gali finally agreed at name of ship,naming it Wandering Hoi at Gali’s suggestion.She could return to steering now,her ship finally named.

Gali looked forward,examining ship’s surroundings.At first glance,all seemed to be right,but Toa of Water sensed that it was not case…

Newly named ship was on crash course with large rock.Gali tried to steer ship away,but she could not do this in time…

“Pohatu,quick!” yelled Gali."Break that rock before it sinks ship!"Alarmed Pohatu hurriedly combined his Climbing Claws into Kodan Ball,charging it with elemental energy,and kicked it with full force at rock.

Moment ball hit rock,it shattered into thousand pieces posing no danger to ship.Wandering Hoi could safely continue.Pohatu grinned.He saved Toa’ ship.


Gali was becoming increasingly more frustrated.Through she was patient Toa,trying to navigate incoherent mess of tunnels get on her nerves.Tunnels were twisting in countless directions,many of them leading to dead ends.

Tunnels themselves were not only annoyance.Many times,Wandering Hoi sailed through perfectly fine tunnel,only for some bizarre rahi (such as rat-headed takea,giant crab capable of generating lighting,or even serpent made entirely out of glowing kanohi) force Gali to turn ship away.

After many twists and turns Gali finally reached straight tunnel.This tunnel was truly gigantic,almost as vast as cave filled with lightstones they sailed through before.At end of gargantuan tunnel glowed light,indicating that tunnel led to sea in which lied ancient island of Aviru.

As Gali get closer to end of tunnel,fauna became increasingly more normal.It seemed that monstrous rahi feared light of day.Finally,Wandering Hoi sailed out of tunnel into vast sea lit by twin suns.


Spark Drive

Spark Drive is drive powered by electric sparks generated by several species of Le-Wahian bugs.It theoretically could be powered by true lighting,but it is thought that this would overcharge its systems.It was invented by Nuparu,Onu-Koronan inventor who also invented Boxors.


Hey, man. I caught sight of this topic while looking through your feed, and I’d like to politely request that you avoid using the name 'Mysterious Island" for a Bionicle fanfic, as I’ve been using it for years by now. (Each word is a distinct link, just so ya know) Alright? Thanks!

I would change name,but it won’t let me edit title and post.

Ah, that’s alright. It’s not that big of a deal; my only issue with it would be around any plans to make it a really big, really long-running thing. If it’s just a string of chapters, then that’s fine.

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