Worm: A Complete Web Serial (spoilers)

“Doing the wrong things for the right reasons.” - Official Tagline

A discussion thread for Worm: A Complete Web Serial by John McCrae. Skitter, Tattletale, Armsmaster, Lung, Scion, your favorite hero, your favorite villain, your favorite Endbringer? Talk about them all here!

If you haven’t read Worm, you can find it online here: https://parahumans.wordpress.com/ I’d highly recommend reading it first, since any discussion here would probably be laden with spoilers. It tends to have a lot of game changing chapters.

If you’re a prospective reader wondering what it’s about, in a world where people can get superpowers, a high school girl named Taylor discovers she has the power to control bugs. She sets out to become a superhero, but the rest, well…you should read and find out.

First off, figured I’d create this to see if anyone else here’s read it. I happened upon this story around June, and it’s been…monumental in my understanding of literature and characterization. Taught me a lot, and it’s just so well done.

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Hello Prehistoric_Echoes! Please give this topic a read. :slight_smile:

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Well after following your link I have to say the story so far is pretty good. A little over the top with the typical “protagonist being horribly bullied” but still an enjoyable read.

Yeah, the way the main character is treated is really over the top, but it plays heavily into her development. Bullying is arguably the story’s overarching theme.

Never expected to see a Worm thread here. Hopefully this won’t have frequent Worm Morality debates like on SB or SV.

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