Would BIONICLE G2 Comics Be Published By DC?

Since G1 Bionicle was, (and by extension apart of their multiverse. I really wish there was a Superman crossover lmao.) But I doubt Lego will go to DC again, and instead create a unique brand name to publish under.


I have to disagree with you there. LEGO wouldn’t go through the trouble of making their own brand name just to publish a set of comics unless they made the comics a major pushing point for sales. It’s like how they don’t have their own animation or movie studios even though they do lots of animations and their LEGO Movie series is going to continue. Adding on, they don’t have their own publishing house, even though they have made a lot of books.

The point of LEGO is the toys, not the story or the media. While those are useful for selling the toys, the actual toys are what LEGO wants to sell, so, be it Star Wars, BIONICLE, CITY, or some other theme, they probably wouldn’t bother making their own studio just for comics.

Now, for what studio they will chose, I would have to argue in favor of DC. Mostly because Marvel is owned by Disney now (Plus Marvel doesn’t exactly make comics for other outlets anyway, I remember something about them being very adamant about that.) and Dark Horse Comics is more often associated with grittier and uglier stories and art, I can’t exactly see LEGO approaching them about the prospect either.

Now, there is some potential for Image Comics to do LEGOs publishing, but, why try something new when you already did something that worked?

TL;DR, DC would most likely stay their publisher.


no, dark horse comics most likely

Why do you think that though? Dark Horse makes great comics, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t think either company would be exactly good fits for each other.

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Nah, Dark Horse usually publishes gritty comics.


They used dc for those hero factory comics, I dont see why they wouldnt stay dc

im guessing yea

guys, guys. DC comics. for sure DC comics. or even Dark Horse. But most likely DC comics.

If it is DC comics, then… * insert joke about DC’s cinematic universe here*

Tahu’s gonna snap LOSS’s neck. Pohatu will be all like, “tell me, do you bleed?”

I’m kidding btw, I do like DC and they make good stuff.

“but, we cannot really bleed, we are biomechanical, sure we have organic parts, but most of it has been enhanced by machines, so your question is dumb”
That is what I imagine gali, or onua saying


Bam! Boomerang to the head. Just ask LOSS

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Hasn’t Ninjago/Friends had some mainstream comics recently? Do we know who published them? It may help clear things out.

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