Would the Great beings dissect Vezon?

This question came to mind considering how they reacted to Vultrax, since he was something they did not make nor intended to, which led them to keeping him to test on (which could have been anything, undoubtedly painful). Would they do the same to him to Vezon considering he’s literally half skakdi, and the result of a freak accident?


I think an important bit of context here is that Vultraz was from another dimension entirely, not just just something gone wrong in their own dimension.

It’s still a valid question, and I’m not trying to answer it here, I just want to make sure everyone has the proper details.


I don’t know. They might actually avoid doing that, since he’d be the first known example of a being created using the Spear of Fusion. They might just keep him around to study what he’d do in different situations (and to keep him from messing up their plans).

Dissecting him would probably just show him to be a copy of Vezok, but with only part of his AI.

Prototype was made with the Spear of Fusion before Vezon. Vezon is the only character we’ve seen that was made with the splitting function, but there’s no confirmation that he’s the first/only one.


I think it certainly could be possible, but again as Jeremy elbertson said