Would you be okay with G1 and G2 existing together?

I am not asking if it is, that has been asked before.

It has been asked weather or not G2 and G1 are connected, but if they have decided to say that they are, would you allow it? Would you allow them to add G2 to YOUR story, or do you want it to be separate from something outside of your control?


Assuming you asking me, I don’t have the power to “allow” or not allow anything. BIONICLE belongs to LEGO Company, not me, so they can do whatever they
want with it.

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Honestly, I am okay with this sort of thing but I have the headcanon of Okloto being in the same universe (outside the GSR) but being on a distant world.

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Considering G1 I could easily see okoto being another island somewhere or a toa empire type alt universe.

Or a new robot brought upon by a new crisis (like the shattering.)

Yep. Maybe not directly connected but same storyline sure.