Would You Rather...? (Game)

so this is a game where the person below you answers the would you rather question and makes a new one for the next person to answer (nothing inappropriate like AH's ones)

I'll start, would you rather have both of your legs and arms broken for the rest of your life, or have to give away all of your bionicle sets for free?


Can't play with Bionicles if my arms are broken.
So I'd guess I'd have to give em away.

cry why u do dis


My arms and legs will heal.

If they don't, I'll get prosthetics.

I'm not giving my collection away.



rest of your life dude, also guys


Bionicle is my life. Won't give 'em away no matter what. Plus, being armless and legless would get you so much attention.

Would you rather use fire or water slash in Vnog and why?


Fire slash. So I could burn the game to the ground.

Would you rather make an awesome MOC that everyone loves, but you get no credit for it OR Would you like everyone to think you made an awesome MOC but in reality you didn't.


The second option. What's the point in making something great if no one can thank you?

Would you rather have your least-favorite song stuck in your head forever, or feel hungry forever?


This. My mind would simply break with the former.

Would you rather be forced to beat up your best friend(Yes, they have to be conscious. Yes, they have to know you're doing it. No, you don't have any excuse as to why you did it) or live without ever seeing him/her face to face again?

I already always feel hungry, or sick to my stomach. I prefer the feeling hungry because it is easy to block out for me, and would be able to eat all the time, instead of only when I'm not feeling sick.

Feeling hungry forever would honestly be an upgrade. I'll take that.

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Would you rather give up all lego related message boards and forums, or your lego collection?

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Am I allowed to recollect?

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No, you cannot. :3

I guess I'll give up the boards.

I can still use youtube, MOCpages, Etc.


Well, considering my best friend right now is probably @Political_Slime, it makes this question, interesting.

Honestly, the odds of actually being able to see him face to face are quite low.

So, I could just bank on never having the opportunity to meet him, take choice 2, and continue life like normal; talking on Skype and such.

However, I could use the first option of beating him up to actually meet him face to face. XD

I think I would choose to beat him up. It would definitely add some excitement to our lives, and we could possibly chill afterward.

Would you rather Lego keep purple, or replace it with teal?

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bring back teal because lego would be forced to bring back purple at some point

would you rather fight a giant snake or a giant troll?


Less chance of fatal venom.

Would you rather fight Skull Basher or Skull Scorpio?


Skull Scorpio.

Would you rather eat the same thing for the rest of your life, or never eat the same thing twice?

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Taco Bell FTW. :stuck_out_tongue:

Would you rather watch Transformers: Energon, or sell your most treasured [place item here]


Transformers: Energon.

Would you rather be an android or a Cyborg?

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Lets see...

Do I want to be like Lopez. Or do I wanna be like Grif 'N' Simmons...

I'll take android.

Would you rather like Red Team more, or Blue Team?

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Blue team, the Reds are great, but they have more interesting stuff going on stuck_out_tongue

Would you rather get punched by Skull Slicer or Kulta?