Would Zaria wear an immoral mask?

I’ll keep this one short. In the story, it was rumored that Zaria abandoned the Toa code following his killing a Makuta. If he did abandon the Toa code, do you see him having considered switching out his Kanohi mask for an immoral one, such as those worn by the Makuta?

For context, this is how Zaria was introduced back in the day:

ZARIA was a different case altogether. He was one of the last of the Toa of Iron, having seen most of his friends killed by Makuta. Somehow, he had survived the purge, even managing to destroy one member of the Brotherhood. It had been necessary, but also a violation of the Toa code against killing. It was believed that the experience left ZARIA feeling like an outcast, in more ways than one. There were rumors that he began routinely slaying his enemies, but no one was certain if that was the truth. What was sure was that he was a driven being, one who needed somewhere to focus his energies. He had to have a mission, so Tahu decided to give him one that would test even his powers.
The Yesterday Quest, Chapter 1


My impression from that passage was always that those were probably just rumors, a way to set up Zaria as a pariah seeking redemption (consciously or not). Most of the existing story material suggests that the other Toa in the story don’t seem to take them too seriously, judging by their behavior toward him, which probably suggests he isn’t wearing an immoral mask (or at least not a mask shaped like one).

Having said that, you just made me realize that it could be an awesome twist if those rumors actually WERE true. Like, when the other Toa and Gelu are in over their heads, the quiet and stoic Zaria gets them out by being WAAAAY more brutal than anyone expected.


I’m not Greg, so I’m not going to try to answer or give my thoughts, but I do want to ask for clarification.

Could you explain how Zaria wearing an immoral mask might be implied from TYQ? What I gathered from it is:

The “in more ways than one” could imply he violated the Toa Code not just by killing the Makuta, and the rumors surrounding him could’ve started because of his mask, which people would’ve have seen as immoral.

Either that, or we’re looking too deep into things.


I would like it. Like maybe he just feels not understood by the other Toa and is kind of a loner. But on the other hand, I think that wearing an immoral mask does seal your fate as an outsider. It would be more difficult to go back.