Wraith (and his duplicates)

Meet Wraith; a sinister rahkshi-like creature capable of self-duplication.

I didn’t want to spam a tonne of photos here, so there’s a video of these guys on my YouTube channel Ozkabot if you want to see any more shots / angles / poses.


Oooh, I love these, the brains talk in the chest is neat looking.

@TheMOCingbird Thanks! I thought that would be a nice touch to unify them visually outside of just their silhouettes. In the lore that’s what wraith uses to conjure these duplicates, only glows when that power is in use, and if it’s destroyed she loses that power entirely.

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I wish I had one of these guys

You’re truly talented. It’s also impressive that you have this many parts.

@Toa_Radrix I’ll see if I have time to do a how to guide for one of these, but I doubt it’ll be anytime soon since I’m moving away for uni soon & these are staying at home.

@Cyosana Thankyou! While I bought most of the sets as they were coming out I’ve been lucky enough to have a lot Bionicle collections handed down to me over the years (ironically from people younger than me who ‘grew out of them’), which is how I accumulated so many parts & useful duplicates.

Everything about these MOCs makes them look like they’d be hella fun to watch in some kinda action sequence.


Very cool! I like the vampiric athstetic

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Oh no, somebody awakened the pillar rahkshi.

In all seriousness I absolutely love the posing of these guys. It conveys so much character.


That Photo with the duplicate in sync with him is awesome, very nice.

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Epic photo’s, nice builds!

Wait… How in the world do you have intact 2009 hands!!! SORCERY!!

Good job though, I love the classic duplicating warrior.

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