Wrath of Gaea

Chapter One: The Beginning

He ran, his legs burning as if set aflame, his lungs pounding, pain pulsing throughout his frail, mortal body. His eyes were dim, the color of molten tar, black. His eyes flashed, full of sorrow, grief and utterly haunted by tragedy. Looking into those bottomless pits was like staring into the very face of Akhlys herself, Queen of Misery!

Speaking of the Misery Queen, he could hear her hounds chasing after him. His black and red hair was matted down in clumps, his nails caked with dirt. His skin, covered in horrid bruises and what-not, his clothes shredded. “Mother save me!” He cried out, his once, strong, deep voice now scratchy and hoarse. His eyes had purple bags, his skin gaunt, his figure frail and skeletal. All signs of Akhlys’ power. His mind was frantic with thought, worrying.

‘The Rebellion couldn’t fail! The Primordial Reign had to end, for not just my own sake, but for the mortals! Where was Hyperion? Wasn’t it he who would aid me in my quest to rid Akhlys from this world?!’ The being cried angrily in his mind. As if on queue, there was a shining bright light, which was accompanied by a heat, which only grew hotter and hotter until the Hounds of Misery were vaporized into nothingness.

“Greetings, brother. You look… Rhea has worried for you, Kronos.” A voice, deep, soft and rumbling, spoke aloud. The figure, now known as Kronos, hissed, black eyes darting towards the golden figure. The golden figure was tall, broad-shouldered, with a chiseled physique. Golden armor enraptured him, his crystal blue eyes shimmering, his golden locks of hair messily splayed about. His sharp jawline was almost as sharp as his sword, which was bronze, and the runes etched into it still glowing.

“Hyperion!” Kronos rasped out, snarling. Hyperion smirked, his perfect white teeth blinding Kronos. “We were supposed to take down Akhlys together!” Thunder boomed. “You left me, and what happened? I was captured! You know that I cannot stand against Ahk-The Misery Queen! None of us can stand against any of the Primordials! They are Protogenoi! Individually, each one could batter each one of us into the ground with ease, brother! Only united could we stand a chance! Do tell me that the Doom Lord was imprisoned by Iapetus, Koios and Krios?” Kronos sneered.

“Yes, Moros was successfully imprisoned.” Hyperion gloated, his eyes shimmering.

“Then why was I left to Misery alone?!” Kronos wailed, his scream throwing Hyperion backwards into a tree. “We all know why Iapetus, Koios and Krios couldn’t have done it! Mother obviously couldn’t have helped, Oceanus, Tethys and Theia couldn’t have done it, due to their… Unique, abilities. Phoebe said that help was on the way! Also, do not ever use Rhea’s name against me!”

“Someone else was to help you.”

“Nobody could’ve helped me! Our brothers were otherwise preoccupied or couldn’t due to their powers! Tethys, Theia couldn’t either due to the same reasons as Oceanus. Rhea was, and still is, if I am correct, injured from her fight with Ophion, who she managed to at least stop, alongside Mnemosyne, who also was injured! That leaves only Themis, who, as far as I know, is still locked away in Ouranos’ Kingdom! ONLY YOU COULD HAVE HELPED ME!”"

“Kronos, that is not what happened, I-”

“Save it, Hyperion. I know where your loyalties lay. You’re such a jerk, Hyperion.”

“Kronos, be quiet.” Hyperion half-whispered, half shouted.

“Don’t you tell me to be quiet!” Kronos snarled, eyes glowing golden.

“Kronos!” Hyperion hissed, an ivory finger pointed behind Kronos. Hyperion could only watch as Kronos whipped around, to be confronted with the Misery Queen herself.

“Why… Hello Kronos… Did ya miss me? Aww, you brought a friend!” A horrid voice screeched out.

“Akhlys.” Hyperion and Kronos murmured in unison. The female recoiled, her face scrunching up, as if struck by a slap.


Akhlys sneers. Her pale, spindly body is wrapped up by literal rags and shredded cloth of various shades of grey. Her haunting, beady yellow eyes narrowed. Her stringy white hair was spaced apart. Her yellow teeth kept chattering, while her long nails twitched. She was horrifying and hideous, with a malefic aura that radiated sorrow and disgust. She hovered a few feet above the earth, bandages from her feet skimming it.

“The Sons of Gaea… Long have I thirsted to claim your sweet ichor for my own!” Akhlys wailed out, her voice throaty, raspy and hoarse, more so than even Kronos. “I thought I told you… You cannot escape me, Kronos! Misery is everywhere, and thus so am I!” She snarled out, leering at Kronos.

Hyperion snorted, lifting his sword. He pointed the tip of the blade at Akhlys, the bronze blade glowing with fire lighting it. The runes on it glowed golden, as his eyes narrowed. “Get away from my brother, hag.” Hyperion boomed, energy shooting out of the sword to hit the emaciated woman, who let out a shriek. Kronos grinned, a sword materializing in his own hand, as he hacked at the Protogenos of Misery. She roared, slashing at the swords with her long, talon like nails.

“Sons of Ouranos, your ichor shall spill on this day!” Akhlys said, a green mist slowly wafting off of her dry and dead skin, which was caked with dirt and lacerations. The mist continued to exude around Akhlys, the Primordial of Poison smiling with sinister intent. She lashed her nails out at the swords, the appendages slicing through the blades with ease, as if they were warm butter and she the knife.

“Oh little heroes, how quickly you fall…” She laughed falsely, as if amused by them. “Kneel before the rod!” As if to make a point, a rod of black metal formed, the rod piercing the earth and rising towards the heavens. “I am the hand of desecration, my will is the force that shall undo creation!” She arrogantly boasted, unaware of the thoughts running through the minds of the titans. They both knew of what that rod was. It was the Rod of Poison, the symbol of power for Akhlys.

“I shall not be impeded by you weaklings… Such nerve!” She smacked Kronos across the face, each of her talons leaving a bloody red mark. “Such gall!” A tendril of poison enters Hyperion’s nostrils. Her eyes gleamed insanely.

“So what, you want gaia at your hand?” Kronos spat out, trying to understand the cruel woman.

“Gaia at my hand? Now, that’s thinking too small. Nay, I speak of the entire cosmos! All of reality, shall bend to my instruction! Each and every world… Under my control! Nobody, not even Night shall stop me!” She grinned. The rod began to glow and hum, causing vibrations throughout the land, causing Kronos and Hyperion to almost fall. Hyperion let out a gasp, suddenly very afraid for his safety.

“You think the others will allow you to do that? They would stop you! Perhaps not Night, but Day, our Mother, even our Father would stop you!”

“Oh… You think I would stop her?”

“Why on earth would I stop her?” A soft voice echoed. “Your war against the Primordials has caused quite the stir among the upper echelons of society.”

Hyperion reluctantly turned around, to be confronted by a blonde, ethereal woman. She was tall, with smooth, sun-kissed skin. Her frame was lean-built and solid. Her eyes were piercing crystal blue; she was the spitting image of Hyperion himself, just female, and… Older. More of a young adult, than a teenager. “Hemera…” Hyperion murmured.

Hemera recoiled. “Insolent brat!” She growled out. Akhlys, off in her own corner, was chanting, the rod of poison humming, pulsing as if alive. “Akhlys, I came to give you a warning, directly from my dear husband, Aether. ‘Akhlys, you had best watch your tongue. Continue on your path, and we will have no choice.’” Hemera recited.

Akhlys sneered aloud, eyes flashing. “You want me to stop? I will undo all that is, and remake everything in my own image!”

“Akhlys, come home! Even Pontus visits more than you do!” Hemera cried out.

“Begone, Hemera. This is my land. I control it. You are no longer welcome.”

“Very well, sister. Oh, and Ouranos asks you not place your Rod of Poison into his domain. Apparently you are poking him in the eye.”

“Sorry, Ouranos!” Akhlys shouted out, wincing. Hemera disappeared. Akhlys looked at the titans warily. “Well? Are we going to continue this, or can I finally get on with what I am to do?”

The battle continued for three days and three nights. Hyperion snarled once more, throwing an arcane bolt of light at Ahklys, who was now using her gigantic pole as a mace, to try and squash the two titans. “ENOUGH!!!” Akhlys roared, gathering her power, into a wave of energy that threw the two titans away from her.

“This fight has gone on long enough. I have toyed with you both, but no longer! I will destroy you. Your ichor will fuel the Rod of Poison, to destroy Gaia, as well as the others.” Akhlys spat.

“I don’t think so, witch.” A feminine voice snapped. Akhlys darted around to be confronted with two beings. A tall, broad-shouldered male, clutching a spear. His silver hair gleamed, pulled back, the spiky silver locks held in place by a strange gel. He had silver eyes, and silver armor. His unhealthily pale skin gave him a ghostly look. To his side was a petite female, with rich, tanned skin as if kissed by Aether and Hemera. Her eyes gleamed milky white, due to her being blind. She was lean, as if she was a swimmer. On her back was a quiver, and a bow. In her hands were two hunting knives.

“Iapetus, Phoebe. Hmm, still no matter! I shall kill you all, and spill your blood upon the earth.” Akhlys snarled out. Phoebe lunged at the frail woman, knives bared and ready to slice. Iapetus also charged, his spear ready to impale. Kronos and Hyperion also attacked, Kronos’ scythe gleaming, and Hyperion’s sword lit aflame.

It happened too fast for them to notice. A cloak of a misty darkness suddenly enveloped Akhlys, before pushing outwards in a dome like fashion, sending all the titans sprawling. “I am a Primordial! I am Ahklys, Protogenos of Misery, Poison and the Death Mist! You cannot kill me!”

The earth, as if annoyed with her ranting, rumbled. A woman, with rich, coffee colored skin appeared. Her hair was thick and black, like soil, pulled back into a low ponytail. Her eyes, though, were green. Pure, absolute green, as if all of the nature in the world was poured into them. Every shade of green, perfectly swirling in the eyes, which gleamed with secrets. Secrets, of an untold era. They were archaic, and old, but also young and lively. She held no makeup, and her natural beauty was for all to see.

“Enough, Akhlys. You’re insanity has gone on, for far too long. You corrupt the earth, soiling my skin itself. Even now, you attempt to slaughter my children, and have their own blood spill unto my body, the earth itself?!” The mysterious woman roared.

“Gaia, you support this rebellious upstarts? OURAN-” She began to shriek, only for dirt to suddenly cover her mouth. The earth twisted and convoluted, as Gaia sneered at the primordial goddess of misery. The earth opened wide, and began to swallow the goddess whole. “To the Pit with you!” Gaia roared, cursing the goddess in an ancient language.

“My children… You are to cease this at once.”