Writings of the TOTGA-verse

This thread is for fanfiction written as part of the universe shared by my two RPs, Transformers: Twilight of the Golden Age and its prequel, Transformers: Salvation.

This big ol’ wall of text is the general lore of the universe. Enjoy!

The Beginning

The history of the autonomous mechanical beings known as the cybertronians- or, more colloquially, the “Transformers”- begins in a time long since passed, when the universe could still be considered new, upon the moon of a crimson gas giant adrift just outside our galaxy. The seas of this moon were rich in primordial, cosmic energies, and from one particular pool were born two beings, with bodies of metal and possessing unfathomable power over the fundamental aspects of the universe: Primus and Unicron. For eons, the two lived together peacefully on the moon, exploring the wide range of their abilities and observing the goings-on of the cosmos from the isolation of their home.

Eventually, however, Primus and Unicron began to drift apart as their opposing natures revealed themselves with the passage of time. Primus harbored a fascination for the myriad of forms that life took across the universe; he believed in its’ protection and promotion, and in the innate benevolence of all things. When Unicron looked out into the endless expanse, however, he saw only a harsh, unforgiving void populated by cruel and savage creatures, each eking out a futile, temporary scrap of an existence before succumbing to their sad fate. He eventually came to the belief that he had been created to dispense a twisted mercy upon these wretched beings: he would stamp out all traces of this foul thing called “life”, saving it from the cruelty of a short and meaningless existence.

Primus opposed Unicron, and dedicated himself to fighting against his brother’s mad campaign. Their ongoing battles carried them off of their moon and out into the cosmos, and the victor would determine the ultimate destiny of all creation. For ages innumerable, the two gods clashed, however neither one could gain the upper hand- at least not for long. While they opposed each other- with Primus as a force of creation, and Unicron one of destruction- the two cosmic deities were still equal in power; try as they might, neither was capable of defeating the other. Over time, Primus came to realize this truth, and so he withdrew, fleeing to a distant corner of the galaxy where he hoped Unicron would not find him again for some time.

The Thirteen Primes and the Battle with Unicron

It was there that the Creator set in motion a new scheme to defeat his brother. Unicron had to be destroyed, regrettably, or else he would pose a constant threat to all that lived. However, since he could not do so personally, Primus decided that he could, perhaps, create others to do the deed in his stead. To these warriors he would each bestow with a different aspect of his power; while they would not match Unicron in sheer might, Primus hoped that their more varied natures would enable them to do what he could not. It was thus that he shed his physical form, and, with the deepest reserves of his power, formed around his incorporeal life-force a mechanical world, which he named Cybertron.

From a massive pit in the new planet’s north pole sprang thirteen cybernetic beings- the warriors who would continue the battle against Unicron and succeed where Primus could not. Imbued with the knowledge of their purpose by the Creator, they quickly set to work on honing honing their abilities for the eventual confrontation with Unicron, the Chaos Bringer. These warriors were:

Prima, a noble warrior who devoted himself to standing against the forces of darkness.

Vector Prime, a stoic who held command over the very fabric of time and space, and later set himself to safeguarding reality from threats with similar capabilities.

Alpha Trion, a sagely repository of knowledge and wisdom, aided by the diminutive minicon Beta Maxx.

Solus Prime, a clever and inventive woman who inherited Primus’ ingenuity.

Micronus Prime, the forerunner to all smaller breeds of Cybertronian that would emerge thereafter.

Alchemist Prime, a spiritual sort whose abilities toed the line between the realms of advanced technology and outright mysticism.

Nexus Prime, a unique individual formed from the congregation of five smaller minds and bodies. From him are descended all manner of combining Cybertronians.

Onyx Prime, who possessed a deep, innate bond with the natural world and its creatures.

Amalgamous Prime, a trickster whose body was ever-changing in shape. The First Transformer.

Quintus Prime, an idealist who, like Primus before him, cherished all forms of life throughout the universe.

Liege Maximo, a silver-tongued master of words and toxins.

Megatronus, a warrior dedicating himself to the destruction of his enemies.

…And Optimus Prime, a humble voice of calm and unity amongst his comrades, chosen by Primus to bear a fragment of his life-force within a golden talisman, later named the Matrix of Leadership.

For centuries, these thirteen- the first Primes- trained to do battle with Unicron and slay the Chaos Bringer. More robot life emerged from Cybertron’s core over time: the first generation of cybertronians who would fight Unicron alongside the Primes. With their armies under their command, they set out into the galaxy to find and do battle with their foe, only to discover that Unicron had created servants of his own. The Chaos Bringer could not easily create life as his brother could, but his own life-force could corrupt Primus’s progeny, possessing their bodies after death and reanimating the lifeless shells as undead minions, called a terrorcon. As the Primes’ comrades were slain in battle, Unicron’s ranks grew, led by four generals who rivaled the Primes in power:

Megabolt, a walking arsenal of mighty weapons.

Infernocus, a towering behemoth of fire and metal, and a combiner formed from five cruel barbarians.

Ramjet, a reality-warping madman with no desire beyond inflicting pain and chaos.

…And Nemesis Prime, created in Primus’s image to mock the Creator, and tasked with destroying the other Primes.

The armies of Primus and Unicron clashed throughout the stars for centuries on end, the balance of power shifting between them more times than either side could count. For every legion of transformers that fell to Unicron’s heralds and became terrorcons, another would come climbing out of Cybertron’s core to fight after them, and vice versa. Eventually, though, the Primes cornered Unicron in a remote star system, and launched a final assault with all the ships and soldiers they could muster.

The ensuing battle was a spectacle unlike any the universe had seen before, and has yet to see again. Nemesis Prime held his own against the Thirteen single-handedly, as Ramjet, Megabolt, and Infernocus tore into their armies. Strikes from the Primes’ weapons flashed brighter than the most luminous of stars, and reality itself was torn asunder around Unicron as Vector Prime and Ramjet made full use of their powers. But the Prime’s troops began to dwindle, with the terrorcons growing in turn, and Nemesis Prime proved himself a deadly opponent to the Primes. As the battle endured, it began to seem as though the last hope of putting an end to the Chaos Bringer would die with them…

…Suddenly, in the darkest hour, there was light. In an act of desperation, Optimus Prime clawed at the golden artifact he had been gifted upon his creation, and the seal opened to allow the power of the Allspark to wash across the system. Unicron’s spark began to collapse in on itself, consuming his body from the inside out, and the Heralds of Unicron were whisked away along with it, into the Void outside reality. Once more, Vector Prime opened a portal, and the Thirteen escaped to Cybertron with what remained of their armies.

The Golden Age

In the forty-thousand years that followed, The Primes, together with the Knights of Cybertron, led the billions of Cybertronians that had begun to emerge from the Well of All Sparks into an era of unparalleled prosperity. The Knights, formed from an order of elite warriors who’d proven themselves in the battles with Unicron, became Cybertron’s dominant religious, scientific, and military power, creating such innovations as the space bridge and faster-than-light engines to facilitate interstellar travel, and developing the little-understood process of cyberforming, by which a planet was imbued with cosmic energies and transformed into an extension of the Allspark, making it more suitable for Cybertronian habitation. Through cyberforming, the Knights of Cybertron established the first seven Cybertronian colonies: Hecate, Gigantion, Caelum, Paradon, Chaar, Antilla, and Conventus.

The transformers also made contact with several alien races during this time period, known as the Age of Exploration, or more simply, the Golden Age. With some, like the peoples of Nebulos and Earth, they became close allies; with others, however, such as the Quintessons, they made fierce enemies. The Cybertronians became very active in the goings-on of the galaxy, and gradually assumed the role of caretakers and shepherds for less-advanced species.

The War of the Primes and the End of the Golden Age

These halcyon millennia were not to last, sadly, as Liege Maximo, spurned by growing resentment for his fellow Primes for their powers and accomplishments, plotted to do away with the rest of his fellowship to obtain abolsute power. With his silver tongue, Liege ignited a civil war among the Primes, and the rest of the cybertronian race were quick to choose sides. The conflict was brief by Cybertronian standards, lasting only about a few centuries, however in that time enough devastation was wrought upon the people and colonies of Cybertron to set their progress as a species back drastically. Many of the Cybertronian Knights’ advanced technologies, some of which bordered on the magical in many aspects, were lost. The Primes eventually found themselves in a heated battle atop the Hydrax Plateau, and in the fury of that battle, Solus Prime was slain as she defended Nexus Prime from a fatal shot from the Requiem Blaster. The battle ended shortly after, when the survivors finally realized that Liege Maximo had been pulling the strings all this time, and thus they all united against him. The Prime of Lies was defeated, and the War of the Primes came to an end shortly after, though not without terrible costs.

The remaining demigods came to the conclusion that the age of the Primes had to end with them, and that they would have to take their leave from the rest of the Cybertronian race, so that it could continue to evolve once again. Over the next thousand years, they sentenced Liege Maximo to an indefinite slumber in stasis, at least until the people had determined he had properly atoned for his heinous acts, and made arrangements in secret with the Knights of Cybertron to retreat into unknown space.

A magnificent, private funeral was held to properly lay Solus Prime to rest, and shortly after, the twelve remaining Primes and Beta Maxx left Cybertron with the Knights aboard eleven colony ships. These events were conducted in utmost secrecy, and as such the rest of the cybertronian race knew not the true fate of the Thirteen; they believed that they had all died atop the Hydrax Plateau, and the Knights had even built a tomb into the side of the landmark in which they claimed the Primes had been interred. As far as the general public knew, the Primes were dead, the Knights of Cyberton had mysteriously vanished, and the Golden Age had come to an end, perhaps never to return.

While most of the Cybertronian Knights left to follow the Primes, others ventured elsewhere to hide powerful and significant artifacts. Two more colony ships were launched: one carried Liege Maximo’s stasis pod in a hidden chamber, and its’ crew founded the eighth Cybertronian colony, Clemency; the other held within it the Key to Vector Sigma (the all-knowing supercomputer would know of the Prime’s true whereabouts, and so it had to be sealed away, at least for now), and crashed on a distant world used by many races as a galactic landfill. The crash inadvertently triggered the ship’s cyberforming mechanisms, and thus was founded the ninth Cybertronian world, Junkion. Another band of Knights ventured into other uncharted regions of space, carrying with them the Omega Lock- a machine with unfathomable power, perhaps rivaling that of Primus himself, if lore was to be believed. A map to the Omega Lock was left inside a secret vault in Crystal City, and would go undiscovered until much later.

The Epoch of Stagnation

The next one hundred million years would become known as the Epoch of Stagnation by the people of Cybertron and the nine colonies (otherwise known as the Imperium of Cybertron), for little scientific or technological progress was made for most of it. Despite the surviving Thirteen’s intentions, the transformers continued to live under the rule of Primus’s chosen; Quintus Prime had not sympathized with his companions’ view, and discretely left the Matrix of Leadership on Cybertron so that it could choose new Primes. A long line of successive Matrix-bearers led the Transformers through the Epoch of Stagnation, and while they remained proud and active in the galaxy, they never regained their Golden Age prominence and majesty during this time.

Meanwhile, the surviving Thirteen had founded eleven new colonies in the unknown regions:

Prima and the Knights of Cybertron settled on Primogenitum;

Vector Prime kept watch over reality from Aevum;

Alpha Trion and Beta Maxx turned their world, Sophos, into a vast repository of knowledge;

the artificial ringworld Astrum was built in memory of Solus Prime;

Micronus’ colony, Vergrandis, was populated by the smaller breeds of cybertronian;

Alchemist Prime ruled over Elementum, its people devoting themselves to studying both the scientific and mystical aspects of the universe;

Concordia, Nexus Prime’s colony, played host to combining transformers;

Beast-mode Cybertronians lived close in-tune with the natural world on Onyx Prime’s domain, Eukaris;

Muto mimicked Amalgamous Prime’s fluid nature with its’ shifting surface;

Quintus Prime turned Spirabilis into a techno-organic Eden;

And the people of Megatronus’ colony, Bellator, fashioned themselves into formidable warriors. These eleven worlds lived in harmony with one another, and would have no contact with the Imperium of Cybertron until much, much later- its location had been hidden by the surviving Thirteen and the Knights.

Optimus Prime, meanwhile, had chosen to travel the cosmos alone, and his voyages took him beyond the galactic rim, where he discovered the moon upon which Primus and Unicron had been created. Granting the Thirteenth Prime an eternal spark, so long as he remained on the moon, Primus tasked Optimus with keeping its existence a secret, and protecting it from any who sought to use its power for ill deeds. Optimus first endeavored to remain in contact with the rest of his comrades, but as his life-force became more and more tied to the moon, he eventually retreated permanently into the unknown. Presumed dead by most, rumors circulated throughout the Prime colonies that Optimus had founded one of his own, named Trecedim, before his passing. Over the ages, many attempted bold expeditions to find Trecedim, yet almost none ever succeeded.

The Great War

For the Imperium of Cybertron, the Epoch of Stagnation came to an end as the reign of Sentinel Prime began to draw to a close. A xenophobic political faction of cybertronians, led by a gladiator named Megatron, called for the dissolution of all ties between the Cybertronian race and its organic allies, and the more radical of its’ members even called for the extermination of techno-organic and beast-mode transformers to “purify” the species. Sentinel Prime would not yield to their demands, labeling them as deplorable and deceitful. Megatron and his following were not deterred, and, adopting the moniker of “Decepticons”, went militant and seized the colony of Chaar.

And thus did the Great War begin between the Decepticons and the Autobots, a heroic faction rising from ashes of the crumbling Imperium to fight for the freedom of all sentient beings. For five hundred years, the Autobots and their allies battled valiantly against the Decepticon Empire’s campaigns of conquest and genocide. It was a long, brutal war, worse than the War of the Primes before it and perhaps one of the worst the galaxy had ever seen. Incalculable lives of every species were lost, and entire planets were rendered uninhabitable. The Matrix of Leadership went into a comatose state, losing faith in the Cybertronian race, and Sentinel Prime hid it away in the Tomb of the Primes. The tomb’s entrance was concealed, and eventually knowledge of its location was mysteriously lost to time. Sentinel Prime also vanished at the beginning of the war, and was never seen nor heard from again.

Transformers: Salvation

In the Great War’s final years, scientists on both sides discovered that the conflict had gravely injured the Allspark; were it not healed soon, Primus would die, and Autobots and Decepticons alike would be soon to follow. A truce was called as the two factions put aside their rivalry to discover a remedy to the Allspark’s plight, which led to the discovery of the map to the Omega Lock in what remained of Crystal City, now known as the Sea of Rust. The Decepticon Fleetcarrier Invincible was retrofitted with cutting-edge technology and rechristened the CFC Salvation , and its crew of Autobots, Decepticons, and nonaligned cybertronians left to follow the map to the Lock. After a perilous journey, the Salvation recovered the Omega Lock and returned it to Cybertron, where the machine tore itself apart restoring Primus to health.

War's End/The Cybertronian Commonwealth

There was little time to celebrate, however, for Megatron was quick cast aside the truce and resume his attacks upon the Autobots in the form of a siege on Iacon. The Autobots repelled the assault in a crushing victory, and chased what remained of the Decepticons to Earth, where Ultra Magnus, the Autobot leader, personally defeated Megatron in the Battle of Mission City. The Decepticon Empire surrendered to the Autobots shortly after, and the Great War came to a bittersweet end: though free from Decepticon tyranny, the war had left the galaxy in ruin, and the the whole of the cybertronian race was scorned by most other sentient species. The Autobots helped to repair what they could, before retreating to their corner of the galaxy in a self-imposed exile for their sins that would last for over twenty million years.

Both the Autobot and Decepticon factions were dissolved, and the transformers reorganized themselves into a new political body: the Cybertronian Commonwealth. The damage done to Cybertron was swiftly repaired, though many of the nine colonies, save Junkion, Hecate, and Gigantion, were abandoned and left desolate, and all contact with the rest of the galaxy ceased.

Despite the isolation, this postwar era heralded what many considered at the time to be a second Golden Age. A new method of FTL travel, the Transwarp drive, became available for virtually all space-faring vessels, and other significant medicinal and technological advancements were made. By extracting small portions of the Allspark from Cybertron’s core, a new colony, Velocitron, was founded, and those twenty million years passed peacefully.

Transformers: Twilight of the Golden Age

Upon the anniversary of the Decepticon’s defeat, however, the Tomb of the Primes was rediscovered, reawakening the Matrix of Leadership… and something else along with it. The Heralds of Unicron, using a dark counterpart to the Matrix formed from the remains of Unicron’s Antispark, freed themselves from the Void and assumed control of the Cybertronian Commonwealth, with the intent of using this “Dead Matrix” to drain the life-force of Primus and become gods themselves. An unlikely band of heroes, formed mostly by fate, reawakened Liege Maximo from stasis and uncovered the Key to Vector Sigma on Junkion, and from the supercomputer they learned of the existence of the Prime colonies.

These heroes embarked on a quest to visit all eleven of these worlds and obtain the powerful weapons of the Thirteen, to defeat the Heralds of Unicron before they could enact their diabolical plot. Over the course of the next three months, they earned powerful relics such as the Star Saber, the Requiem Blaster, and the Forge of Solus Prime through their many heroic deeds, and made the inhabitants of the Prime colonies aware of their plight. However, on the colony of Aevum, Nemesis Prime destroyed the Matrix of Leadership with one swing of the Dark Star Saber, and in that instant, all hope seemed lost…

…Until Primus himself revealed to the heroes the location of Trecedim, the moon which Optimus had been tasked with protecting for all these eons. It was there that the Matrix could be repaired, and so the heroes speedily journeyed to the moon, where the Thirteenth Prime assisted them in restoring the Matrix. In a climatic battle between the united forces of the Cybertronian Commonwealth and the Prime colonies, and the undead legions of the Heralds of Unicron, the reforged Matrix of Leadership chose one of the heroes, Axis of Eukaris, to be the next Prime, and she and her comrades destroyed the Heralds and the Dead Matrix. With the evil vanquished, Primus’ life was spared, and all of creation had been saved.

Under the just rule of Axis Prime, the Cybertronian Commonwealth merged with the Prime colonies to form the New Imperium of Cybertron, and a true new Golden Age dawned upon the Cybertronian race. The Prime colonies shared their advanced technologies and culture with their brethren, and the reunited race of Transformers cast aside their exile and rejoined the galaxy at large, as they continue to live in peace and prosperity to this day.


Cybertronian Planets of the TOTGA-verse

Cybertron and the First Seven Colonies


Cybertron is the original homeworld of cybertronian kind, formed around the Allspark- the life-force of Primus. As in most official Transformers universes, it is mostly mechanical, but its equator boasts jungles and grasslands with flora that is equal parts cybernetic and organic in nature (such hybridization is colloquially called “techno-organic”). The rest of Cybertron is mostly vast, layered cityscapes, extending as high skyward as they do into the planet.

Despite its relative youth to other planets, like Earth, Cybertron bears a rich history, evident in the massive towers almost as old as the planet itself, and the varying styles of architecture visible in cities like Iacon, where countless generations of transformers have come and gone over millions of years. Cybertron has been the birthplace of some of the galaxy’s greatest heroes and villains, and the site of battles that have decided the fate of the entire cosmos and beyond.

Cybertron’s capitol city-state is Iacon. It is the oldest on the planet, founded by the Thirteen before the First Golden Age. Immense gold towers rise out of a lake of energon at the bottom of a sinkhole in the northern hemisphere, supporting a multi-layered web of roadways and boulevards on which reside smaller buildings and monuments to heroes of cybertronian lore. Iacon plays host to many significant sites, such as the Primal Basilica, a cathedral dedicated to the lineage of the Primes; and the Grand Museum, which was once the headquarters of the Knights of Cybertron in ages past. Adjacent to Iacon is the Burthov spaceport, a massive complex that receives hundreds of ships from all over the galaxy; past governments have recognized the facility as its own city-state.

Further north lies the Well of All Sparks, a massive pit- visible from orbit- that bores all the way down to Cybertron’s core. In the Well, the Allspark creates new transformers and imbues them with sparks of their own, who then climb up to the surface to begin their lives. Near the Well is the Hydrax Plateau, which is adorned with massive statues of the Thirteen and hides the Tomb of the Primes, a necropolis where all those who bear the Matrix of Leadership are laid to rest. The land around the Well and the Hydrax Plateau is virtually untouched, though if one travels east, they’ll find the city of Tyger Pax on the plateau’s other side, built atop a lake of energon.

In the south pole is Kaon, infamous for giving rise to Megatron and the Decepticons during the great war, but now a respectable city in its own right. In its center is the entrance to Vector Sigma, an ancient supercomputer which holds the sum-total of all cybertronian knowledge. Just above the equator is the Sea of Rust, a city-state that was bombed to ruin during the great war and rendered uninhabitable by chemical weapons. In ages past it was a beautiful city with a storied history, and many secrets remain buried beneath the rubble.

Cybertron has two moons, Hecate and Artemis. Hecate was colonized early in the First Golden Age, while Artemis was mined for energon and precious metals and later razed in the War of the Primes- it has little to recommend it. Many humans often wonder why Cybertron’s moons are named after ancient Greek godesses; many cybertronians often wonder why ancient Greek godesses are named after Cybertron’s moons.


Cybertron’s two moons, Hecate and Artemis, were both the first stellar bodies considered for cyberforming by the Knights of Cybertron. Both were rich in energon, the rare mineral that literally fueled all of cybertronian civilization- a requirement for the process- however Artemis possessed too high a variety of the substance. Wary of how so many different variations of energon would react with the cybermatter, the Knights decided to reallocate their efforts and colonize only Hecate instead.

Each colony reacted differently to cyberforming, and Hecate was no exception. The Knights discovered that not a single Well had been created on the moon; instead, the surface of the satellite was positively riddled with Hot Spots- energon-rich areas in which disembodied sparks formed and pockets of sentio metallico (the metal of which cybertronians bodies are comprised) could be found. This would certainly make procreation on the new colony difficult, however not impossible; using an at-the-time experimental procedure nicknamed "cold construction’, the people of Hecate sculpted lifeless bodies from the moon’s sentio metallico deposits, and harvested sparks from the Hot Spots to place them inside these shells and grant them proper lives. The Hecatians largely pioneered the technology and technique of cold construction, and it soon became a viable alternative means of reproduction for the whole race. The people of Hecate fought with Quintus Prime at the end of the Golden Age, and near-unanimously supported the Autobots during the Great War. Like the rest of the Imperium of Cybertron, it was left in ruin by its end, however the colony was swiftly rebuilt, and remains active and prosperous to this day.

Noteworthy locations on Hecate include Hot Spot-84, one of the largest and most bountiful of its’ kind to be found on any Cybertronian world. Southeast of Hot Spot-84 lies the city of Polyhex, which boasts a massive vault of sparks harvested from all across the moon. Just north of Hecate’s equator is Pescus Hex, the largest provider of cold constructed shells and a center for the technique, even. Hecatians treat cold construction as an almost sacred form of art, and are able to put the intimate knowledge of Cybertronian anatomy and physiology that it requires to medical use, in a pinch.


Gigantion was the second of the original seven colonies to be founded. Micronus Prime involved himself heavily in the proceedings, so perhaps it wasn’t entirely a coincidence that nearly half of the Cybertronian population spawned from the colony’s Wells were soon found to be Minicons and Micromasters. The other half, however, were gargantuan mechanoids that stood as tall as skyscrapers, dubbed “Titans” for their immense size. Day-in and day-out, the Titans of Gigantion have since labored with their tiny counterparts to build a complex, layered megacity around their world. Their work has been impeded twice, by the War of the Primes and the Great War, however it has never gone truly without pause. The people of Gigantion are yet building still…

Wrapping around the planet is a ring formed from jettisoned debris from constant construction- discarded tools, girders, beams, and the ruins of entire buildings, even. All ten layers of the Gigantion megacity are populated and can be traversed at leisure. On level nine can be found the Metroplex Shipyards, named in memory of a heroic Titan who fought for the Autobots, and a massive elevator, hundreds of miles wide, in the north pole runs through the entire planet. At Gigantion’s heart lies the remnants of the organic world originally colonized by the Knights- Level Zero. It receives very little sunlight, and is inhabited only by miners and caretakers of its’ Hot Spots and Wells. Retired spacecraft of every make and model litter the surface, and many of them are recycled into material to expand the city further. Notable derelicts include the Ark, the Steelhaven, and the CFC Salvation.

With their size, the Titans are the strongest of all the Cybertronian breeds, and are also virtually immune to all but the most powerful weapons. The wee folk of Gigantion are, in kind, also stronger and more resilient than others of their kin hailing from other worlds. Gigantions value hard, honest labor and unity. They have a great respect for old customs and traditions, however they also maintain a firm and optimistic gaze towards the future, believing in the necessity of progress and innovation. They typically possess mining and construction-oriented alt-modes.


The third of the first seven colonies was the volcanic world of Chaar, rich in energon and other natural resources valuable to cybertronian kind- some of them quite rare on most other planets. Thus did it become an industrial center and a prime exporter of raw materials for the old Imperium of Cybertron. Though largely unaffected by the War of the Primes, Chaar was seized by the Decepticon Empire at the start of the Great War. The Decepticons aggressively strip-mined the planet to fuel their war machine, and in doing so eventually killed the world- its Wells and Hot Spots gradually withered and died by the War’s end. Chaar was not rebuilt following the Great War, and remains a hellish, barren husk in the age of the New Imperium.

The capitol city of Chaar was Trypticon, which boasted vast energon refineries and sat above a vein of rare Red Energon, which was known to enhance a transformer’s abilities to the extreme. The city was rumored to be the center of a mysterious weapons development project of the Decepticons late in the war, however these plans, whatever they might have been, never came into fruition.


Paradon, the fourth of the original colonies, functioned as the premiere medical center of the old Imperium of Cybertron. Many lifesaving techniques, technologies, treatments, and cures were developed on the world, and the doctors and surgeons Paradon produced were praised as the best of any species in all the galaxy. Paradon’s pacifist culture led to the colony and its people remaining largely neutral during both wars in cybertronain history, however during the Great War, the many battles between the Autobots and Decepticons left Paradon desolate. In the present day, however, the planet is slowly being rebuilt and recolonized as part of the New Imperium of Cybertron.


Antilla, the fifth colony, would be a largely inhospitable desert world for most organic creatures. However, as with Chaar and Artemis, beneath the sands lay a wealth of energon and other resources valuable to the cybertronian people, whose robotic nature thrived where creatures of flesh and blood could not. Mining proved more difficult than originally expected, however, and so the planet’s Wells quickly began to produce Transformers that were more fuel-efficient, and with durable bodies to help them withstand the deserts’ intense heat and biting sandstorms. The Antillians managed to carve out a stable existence upon their world, but about halfway through the Great War, the Decepticons unleashed a terrible biological weapon upon the colony: a laboratory-bred strain of the dreaded Cosmic Rust. Within weeks, both Antilla’s cities and its’ people wasted away. The few that survived, bearing a rare immunity to the plague, either joined the Autobots or remained neutral. Antilla remains a quarantined world to this day.


Religion is a keystone of Cybertronian culture, and that fact was no more apparent than on the sixth colony, Caelum. A world of lush jungles and high, beautiful cliffs and mountain ranges, Caelan Transformers were devout followers of Primus and the Thirteen, and were well-versed in Cybertronian lore and mythology. Even after the Golden Age came to an end, many of its’ people retained a fluency in the old spoken language of their race, and in the ancient writing form of cyberglyphics. Caelum was sadly left desolate after the Great War, however it is currently undergoing recolonization efforts.


Originally a hub of purely cybertronian commerce and interstellar travel, the tropical archipelagos of Conventus came to act as a congregation point for nearly all civilized races of the galaxy. Conventus became a symbol of unity for many, and a frequent host of diplomatic endeavors, as well as trade. Naturally, it was one of the xenophobic Decepticon Empire’s first targets. The colony was besieged from orbit, until it was abandoned and left in ruin. It remained desolate for twenty million years after the Great War, but now, as the New Imperium of Cybetron ventures out to re-establish contact with alien races, it is being resettled.

Junkion, Clemency, and Velocitron


After the War of the Primes, the surviving Thirteen tasked the Knights of Cybertron with hiding any artifacts that would betray knowledge of their true fate to the people. One such artifact was the stasis pod in which Liege Maximo was imprisoned. This pod was placed within a hidden chamber of a colony ship, which was then sent to found a new Cybertronian world. The planet chosen was cold and icy, however met the criteria for a suitable colony all the same. The world was thus cyberformed, and named Clemency.

The true purpose behind Clemency’s founding would never be discovered during the Epoch of Stagnation, and for much of the era of the Cybertronian Commonwealth, too. Clemency’s cities were razed during the Great War, and the abandoned world served as a popular hideout for outlaws for roughly twenty million years after. Like many of the other “lost colonies”, however, Clemency is now being resettled by the New Imperium of Cybertron.

Clemencian Transformers were especially adapted to frigid climates, and possessed alt-modes suited for the planet’s harsh, unending winter. Clemency’s capitol city was Ky-Alexia, built near the colony ship that founded the world. Many of the criminals that used to call Clemency home have since flocked to Junkion or human space in recent centuries.


At one time, Junkion was an uninhabited, unclaimed, and undesired planet. It was too far from its star for most of its’ orbital cycle to be considered for colonization by organic species, and it harbored little in the way of natural resources that may have made it valuable otherwise. A swath of civilizations took to using Junkion as a sort of galactic dumping ground, and over time, the true surface of the world became buried beneath mountains of trash, fields of detritus, pools of toxic chemicals, and the hulls of broken starships.

After the War of the Primes, however, a cybertronian colony ship, dispatched by the Knights of Cybertron to hide the Key to Vector Sigma, veered off its’ course and crash-landed on the Planet of Junk. The impact triggered the vessel’s cyberforming mechanisms by accident, reacting with what little Energon was present on the world to imbue it with the energies of the Allspark, and thus was the ninth cybertronian colony founded by pure mishap.

The transformers that now called Junkion home quickly established an unusual society, dialect, and set of customs largely based off of human pop culture. This, combined with Junkion’s distance from the other cybertronian worlds (and indeed most other civilized races), led to its people becoming largely independent. Though officially a part of the Imperium of Cybertron, and later the Cybertronian Commonwealth, and now the New Imperium of Cybertron, Junkion still possesses a degree of autonomy that the other colonies do not have, and its inhabitants tend to keep out of intergalactic affairs (even those of the other cybertronian worlds). Junkions are also noteworthy for possessing an unusual anomaly in their constitutions that allows them to survive injuries that would otherwise prove fatal to most other cybertronians.

Junkion is ringed by a debris field of derelict starships, space stations, and other miscellaneous jetsam. This ring is especially perilous to travel through, for it is home to sparse tribes of viscous, savage cannibals that often abduct unlucky spacefarers. Noteable locations on Junkion include the Big Apple, the planet’s de facto capitol, which was constructed around the wreck of an Autobot orbital station that now serves as the residence of the Junkion leader. Just beyond the city limits, one can find the Montgomery Scott Shipyards.

The Howling Wastes is the name given to a vast, arid plain littered with ancient shipwrecks. Smugglers like to hide themselves and their contraband within the wrecks, and the Driller Worms that tunnel beneath the wastes make it a dangerous place to travel. East of the wastes are the shores of the Acid Sea, a vast ocean of acids and toxic chemicals, home to a particularly ravenous breed of Sharkticon, and the Pillar of Rust- the name since given to the colony ship that founded Junkion- rests in the eye of a permanent rust storm.


Velocitron is the product of an ambitious project of the newly-formed Cybertronian Commonwealth. Seeking to reclaim the Golden Age glory of their species, fragments of the Allspark were harvested from Cybertron’s core and placed aboard a fleet of starships bound for a desert world in a nearby solar system. When the fleet arrived, however, a closer inspection of the planet revealed that it was much closer to its star than originally thought- so close was it, in fact, that the surface was uninhabitable during the daylight hours. Thus was the fleet rebuilt into a collection of mobile cities, utilizing the Allspark fragments as an infinite energy source in addition to their life-giving properties. These cities constantly crawl through the desert sands of Velocitron to escape the hellish inferno brought by daybreak and remain in the safety of the cool night.

Speed soon became a valued attribute in Velocitronian culture. Its Wells quickly began to produce remarkably fast and agile Transformers with speedy, terrain-based vehicle modes, and racing became the planet’s most popular passtime, eventually becoming an important piece of Velocitron’s societal structure, even. Disputes between individuals and cities are now settled on the race track, and the Speedia 5000, held in the capitol city of Navitas, even determines the planet’s leader.


Very nice job, chrome! Well written.


I did skim over the second half, but from what I read it’s a good read.


Oh yeah, this is gonna be great for further developing my characters


Table of Contents:

  1. General History

  2. The Cybertronian Colonies of the TOTGA-verse

  1. From The Legacy of Sentinel Prime: The Rewritten Chapter of Cybertronian History by Cryptex of Kaon

  2. Humanity in the TOTGA-verse: General History

  3. A More Perfect Union

  4. The Quintesson Wars

  1. Timeline

  2. Legacy

  3. Lineage

  4. The Federation of Allied Species / Fellowship

  5. Worthy

  6. Fracture

  7. Appointed

  8. Avalon

  9. The Equinox Saber

  10. The Quintessons

  11. Humanity

  12. The Covenant of Primus


So! Two questions (I actually had three but I forgot the third one):

  1. What happened with Haliaetus’ wish of seeing Clemency turned into a Decepticon heaven? I mean, most of his crew died for this cause.
  2. Since Junkion is so dependent on human culture, does this mean that it is the closest to Earth?

Sol jeopardized that, so it didn’t happen.

It might be the closest Cybertronian world to Earth, but it is still rather far away from it. There’s a vast expanse of uninhabited space between Cybertronian territory and most other galactic civilizations.

  1. Yes but Sol wasn’t even there at the time. It was Hal’s wish.
  2. I wasn’t suspecting anything else, tbh.

Sol was part of Hal’s little “group”, and became its leader after he died. The agreement was that if the neo-Decepticons (Sol included) “played along”, Clemency would be theirs. The events on Elementum voided that agreement.

I guess you are right.
Tho I can’t imagine how sad Hal would be if he would find out that he died for nothing #justiceforhal.

Well, he was one of the ones who rediscovered the Tomb of the Primes and the Matrix. If it weren’t for him, Dicius, and Voltex, the discovery of the Prime colonies, the final deaths of the Heralds of Unicron, Axis becoming first Prime since forever and the formation of the New Imperium of Cybertron would not have happened.

He helped make a better Cybertronian society, even if it wasn’t the one he necessarily wanted.

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He didn’t discover the tomb. The Minicons did. He was just there to pick them up.


Any other questions or comments? I’m happy to answer.

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I am struggling to remember my third question. If I am going to remember it, I’ll ask it.
But besides, at first I thought that this thing was unnecessary, but now I think that it is very useful. It will really help as a guide book for Salvation or, who knows future installments in this universe. Although you kinda spoiled Salvation.

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Honestly, Salvation’s status as a prequel kinda make its overall plot a forgone conclusion. We all pretty much know that her crew will find the Omega Lock, because the next twenty million years and TOTGA need to happen. Salvation’s real focus will be the finer details of that story- how exactly her crew went about their journey and the trials they faced.


Don’t worry, I’ve got plans for the sequel if it happens…

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It sounds evil. I like it.

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This thread will be where I’ll post any short stories and other pieces of lore pertaining to the TOTGA-verse that I may write in the future, just for the sake of having it all in one place.


Hey, just letting you know you have a new little lore tidbit: The Angelicons now have an insignia.

Jcton made a digital version based on the one I drew up by hand.

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