Wu and Garmadon's mom revealed

Okay, we all want to know. WHO IS THE FIRST SPINJITZU MASTER’S WIFE? Well, it might be Sorla. She was in the Never Realm, and it was said TFSM could not leave, but what if it was not physically, but he didn’t want to!?!?!? Well, He might not wanted to leave his wife. Now, what if MISTAKE was his wife?download (7) She is likely to be his wife, her being OLD. Now my final theory, Firstborn. Now don’t go HOW COULD A DRAAAAAAGON BE WUS AND GARMADONS MOM?Q!!! Well, Tfsm seemed to like her. ALso ask Garmadon, he um… he is older than wu and might have spent more time w his mom. Thats all! Who do you think is the Mom?

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Hmmm.Im not sure.(also im not a big ninjago fan so oh well)