Wykura, Toa of Rust

People… They just don’t know how to save themselves.

They tell you to fix things, but won’t let you do what’s necessary…

So you try and try and try to do it “right”.

But they know as well as you…

…That unless b̸̞̪ĺ̻́͘ͅo̲̩͓̣͉͙͙̮͎o̡̨͉͎̥̗̣͕̭͝d͖͔̱̪̬̱͈́̕ ҉̕i̸ş s̸̕h͟͞͠e͟͜d̸͘͡…

T̢͘͡H̷͘͟E͢ ̵̷̕M̢̕͘͜͝O̧̨̕͠N̡̛Ş̛͝͝T͝͏͟Ȩ̵͜R͜҉̨̢S̴̷͘ ̛̛W҉́I̧͘L̴̡̀͝L̛̕̕ ͝J͘U̶̷̵͠S̡͟Ţ͘͘ ̢͠Ḱ͟͡͡E͢È͝P͟ ̡͘͝͠͏Ć̴̴̛Ǫ̴̛͝M̷͟I̢̛͜͏N̷̸͜͢Ģ̷͘ ͢͡B̸̷̛͠Ą͞C̛͜͡K̶̶͞

Wykura, Toa of Rust (long bio incoming ;))

Wykura was one member of an unprecedented Toa team that arrived in the ancient city before the Great Cataclysm. She, along with a number of other elemental warriors appeared on Okoto long before Ekimu deciphered the prophecy, and thus were received as uninvited guests to Okotian society. Similarly unaware of their identities and origin to today’s heroes, they struggled to find a place- acting as guards and keepers of the peace until Makuta’s fall. Afterwards, the team split up and went its separate ways. Wykura is among the few remnants of their existence, and her identity speaks volumes of their dissolution.

Long ago, she was just another proud hero, striving to do the best without murdering her foes. After Makuta’s fall, she acted as a vigilante, hopping from village to village in the effort to solve as many problems as she could. As time went by, however, the island’s troubles only worsened, and Makuta’s corruption extended. Key figures fell under his influence, and Wykura found herself fighting many of her former friends. The bastion of her sanity, however, held out… That is, until she was forced to slaughter one of her former teammates. After that, she faltered. Gave in- She came to believe that the only way to end the suffering of the innocent was to kill the guilty.

Henceforth, her life became a scattered mess. She would kill without remorse and attempt to teach others to others do the same. At one point, she was nearly killed in a fight with Kulta’s minions… Fortunately for her, she found and donned one of the necromancer’s masks of undeath. The mask drastically weakened her control over her element, but kept her alive. To this day, she roams Okoto on her righteously flawed quest to stop Evil.

Wykura’s powers were once extensive control over the decay of non-organic substances. Now, however, she requires physical contact to channel them. She does so through her toa tool- Nunchucks. Such blunt force weapons aren’t generally viable in combat with biomechs, but seeing as a strike from her would rot away most armor, they become effective and deadly.

With her unlikely vigilante pal, Skull Slicer

Obligatory back shot. Sorry for the blurr

Sisters no more.

Thank you for scrolling through!

This is very much a “v1”, so I’d really like to hear some feedback. Comments, criticism, even complements(you know, so that I know what I did right) are all welcome.


the trans blue is a really nice touch and goes really well with the other colors 10/10

I can really see the similarities


The one silver bone is odd, i suggest adding more

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I really love how the trans blue goes with the burnt orange, also interesting backstory


Very interesting; I like what you’ve done with her color scheme and such. I got some Ultron vibes from that quote. XD


Love it.

That’s exactly the look that I was going for! :smile:

I was thinking about that. I wanted her to look like she had decayed a bit since donning the skull mask, but I couldn’t really find a good spot that wouldn’t throw off the balance way too much. I’ll keep at it though. There may be more in the next version.


Yeah, I could see that. It’s really the same conflict; whether killing the villains makes you a monster yourself.


I really like the colors on this guy, they really capture that rusty look you were going for.

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I find it ironic that the Toa of rust is starting to rust

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Yep, that’s the idea. :smile:

Super evil, super rusty, and just the right amount of feminine.

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The torso build looks pretty neat. Good MOC.

I read all of this in Ultron’s voice :stuck_out_tongue:


Dem nunchuks :smiley: Not seen that piece much. Good work!

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cool, but something about the legs a bugging me…

Very very nice, love the combination of tr. light blue, orange and dark orange, works together very well and ends up looking like rust. My only problem is the assymetric leg, it looks kinda out of place as there is no other symmetry on the moc, but that is more of a nitpick than anything else.

woah this is a bit spooky, because only last year i made a MOC called Waikura and she was a toa of rust!!

Anyway, about this MOC, I think it works really well! As Umarak said before, the colours work really well to give that rusty feel. I like the nun-chucks I think they work great (hooray for universal joints).I think the one thing I don’t like is the mask. It just makes her look like an animal… Maybe that was what you were going for? But to me, that mask just doesn’t say toa.

good tho mate 7/10

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Looks pretty neat.

the consistency of this moc is marvelous. I really like this

If you figure out what, let me know!

Thank you all!

I’m assuming that you derived the name from the Maori word for rust too, then. :stuck_out_tongue:

Think about it in story context; it’s kind of like another step in her descent to madness. She has, at that point, betrayed her code of honor. Thus, it’s kind of sensible for her to further resemble a villain. Additionally, it doesn’t represent the actual mask of rust; just another necromantic skull mask- I presume her original mask would look more proper for a Toa.