X-Force Toa

(serious voice) In an alternate universe the toa were made for one purpose to kill the inhabitants of this island. Sent down from the skies to "protect" the villagers of okoto as the prophecy foretold,(not so serious voice) but mistakes happen and someone messed up the translation and it actually said that they would be not so friendly... and you know... kinda kill... everyone.

Anyways here are the X-Force Toa.

Team A (The first toa sent down to kill people)

Pohatu the Brute

Wielding his steal dagger and acidic blade he is ready to charge into battle.

Gali the butcher

Lewa the slicer

(Warning if you are still here I make all my current mocs using only parts from the toa and there protectors, they are meant to still look like they could be sold as normal sets for kids)

Please leave your thoughts below.


Pohatu could be better, Gali's pretty cool. Can't wait to see Lewa!

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I think Pohatu needs bigger legs.

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Lewa will take a bit longer because of school, should be up in 4 ish hours

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Not to big on the amount of bulk on Gali's torso, though I love the whole bruiser look Pohatu pulls with the aysymmetry.

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