XAIES the Emperor Blood

So i have been making many WIP for a while so I decided instead of building new mocs I Rebuilt XAIES

XAIES is the so called Emperor of the Blood Toa and who returned them to Plauge the land of Kairon.

Close Up



He still has his Transfusion Blades


This is actually a pretty dandy MoC, I'd say it's one of your best.


Pretty nice! Although, maybe cover up the gaps in the lower limb pieces!

Otherwise, I like the general look of it!

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Thank you
what do you think about the Idea of Blood Toa?

Well, it seems I have been directed here for some reason.
Oh, look. A MOC.

Well it would certainly help if the background wasn't the same color as his armor.

But as for the MOC itself, I'm not the biggest fan of that hip design (or the thighs, for that matter. They have the same problem as Kopaka [2015]'s lower-legs) but it mostly makes up for that with those cool shoulder-fin-thingies.

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looks effeminate to me

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Actually quite cohesive, to my surprise.

But no, blood is a dumb element, make it shadow or something.

While I like the MOC itself, I feel like blood is a bit strange for an element. Do Bionicles have blood? If not, then it seems useless. If they do, then it seems a bit overpowered. I feel like he could use that to control people or make them explode. When inventing elements like this, I think it is important to always give it a drawback or catch to make the characters seem more tangible, if that makes sense.

This is actually pretty nice!

considering the science, Blood is basically water, some other substances, and iron formed together as a liquid right? How does that work out for the MOC?

I feel that this is the wrong kind of imposing. It looks less like "Great Emperor" and more "Master Assassin".
Still a good design.

I little short for an emperor, isn't he? :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, excuse me, princess.

Do the sapient species have blood? Does a biomechanical sentient imaginary being that exists in a contrived universe have blood? :stuck_out_tongue:

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"Blood" is an element according to the Cyclic Plane mythos. I rationalise it as being a border element as the element of Water drifts towards Life. Toa of Blood are also known as Toa of Poison, and can create complex slurries of organic molecules like oil, venom, etc, as well as having some power over the life functions of other beings. This is balanced out in my storyline by the fact that the closer you get to the centre of the Great Wheel, the more difficult it is to harness that power and the more you must strive to stay balanced - and the fact that toa of Sonics, Plantlife, Iron, Psionics and Spirit can also wreak similar havoc on living things.


@SwagMeister he used to be shadow

@Msep he steals blood like a Vampire but can use it as a weapon somewhat similar to Vladimir from league of Legends
Also in my canon they can bleed

@JMP true (so you can say he is a Bloodbender)

@Leoxandar that's a bit sterotypical

MY EYES ARE BURNING! Too much red on screen!

I like the look, but please post an image without the red background.

Oh, my poor eyes...

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I prefer the term archetypal :stuck_out_tongue: