Xalos, Guard Commander of Poliaz

A grim figure of authority who battled to keep the artistic, freedom-loving peoples of his home island in some semblance of order.

Xalos is a character from the Cyclic Plane Storyline. Stuff in bold is related to that storyline.

Xalos was created, as most matoran are, by the machinery of the Matoran Universe itself. He lived on the Tren Krom Peninsula and moved to a new island after it was created off the Southeastern coast by the first Onu-Nui, Serpes. Makuta Raximoras, assigned to the island, later upgraded Xalos' body, along with many other matoran.

After the Brotherhood of Makuta sold the island to Poliaz in return for his Toa Power, Raximoras left and Poliaz became the new ruler. Naming the island after himself and with his vortixx viceroy Vanembar by his side, Poliaz also promoted Xalos to captain of the guard of the island.

Xalos became very good friends with Gratigan, but was otherwise a very stern, humourless and pragmatic guard captain who spent nearly all his time working. As the city's population and influence grew, and gangs like the Black Delta sprouted up, his job became increasingly difficult. Poliaz and Vanembar often didn't listen to him; they were often more concerned with finding more rare masks and artefacts to add to the vaults under the island.

After Lizena was killed by a Kanohi Dragon Xalos, along with Gratigan, Soleku, Orabmar and Gringat, became Toa in a risky procedure that exposed them to Energised Protodermis. Xalos led the Toa Vanembar.

There we go! My oldest surviving MOC alongside my newest. :smile:

I swapped the bulbs in Umbra's weapons to get Xalos' ice axe. In the lore it was mainly a badge of office kinda thing (just like the shoulder sash), but it could freeze criminals in place too.

The buttons and chain and sash are all based off some designs of uniforms from fantasy type games. Poliaz itself was kinda rennaisance-ish with a lot of baroque styling and more mediterranean type culture.

Xalos is gay. For matoran in my storyline that's not unusual, but hey, trivia.

Major inspiration for Xalos comes from Commander Vimes from the Discworld series of books by Sir Terry Pratchett, though the characters aren't too alike in terms of personality. Another source is Javert from Les Miserables.

Here's some previous versions:
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He looks like Kazi on steroids. A pretty interesting design for a matoran. Nice work.


Seems edgy.

*Sees pictures


But seriously,
i like it. Not a fan of the legs,thought. they don't look very good on him.


I like the legs, they look grate on him.

Yup... Wait! Why is he so adorable?! :stuck_out_tongue:

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All my matoran have those legs though. At least the ones from Poliaz do. :<



It must be since they are perfect joints for anything
look at Daia

Amazing Moc Xalos is

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@Whaddon @Ghosty

Yep exactly! And they pose so well too!


Nice! I love adorable Matoran MOCs, though Xalos gets the stern vibe across quite nicely. Probably has something to do with the narrow-eyed Matatu, which always looked stern. I also like how you used the Kopaka Phantoka mask (a.k.a. Matatu 2.0) for his Toa Form, even though that MOC isn't really the focus of this topic. It's a nice bit of consistency that also allows his Toa Form to look unique.

Great work, as always!

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Wow I was not expecting this when i saw the title. I think it a real groovy MOC man.

It's so cute :heart_eyes:

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That's a pretty cool torso design, and I like the choice of mask which really reflects a stern look well.

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I like the unique arm in comparison to the rest of the build.

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At first he looked kinda cute but then I noticed the massive axe he was holding

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I like the pauldren


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I actually really like the asymmetry on this guy

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This is really cool!