Xatal, Supreme Glacial Dragon V2

This is Xatal, the king of the glacial dragons. He has a wingspan of two feet IRL. C&C are as always welcome and appreciated.


(Totally not a dragon fanatic)

Though it ignores some anatomy a bit, this looks pretty cool. I do like what you’ve achieved with such a CCBS heavy build.

I’d adjust the colors though. What primarily stands out are the wing fingers, with 3 colors on the tips. I’d remove or replace the brown ones with blue ones. The golden ones at the tips are fine, they form a nice wing frame effect.

There’s also the overwhelming black, but not sure how to deal with that.

Good job though.

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Soooooo Cooooooooooooolllllll!!!
I love the consistency of texture.

The reason I used the brown ones is because I don’t have any more blue ones.

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I figured. You could fix it by removing the brown fingers completely. Anatomically speaking the wings have one finger too many. (That’s me being anatomy obsessed though)

Anatomically speaking this species of dragon is built correctly as I made it up.


Wing construction is straight bananas. They’re so elaborate and menacing looking.

Thank you.

Could use some filling out due to the gaps imo but it’s pretty good