Xatal, Supreme Glacial Dragon

This build is very normal except for the wing and wing-to-torso connection designs.


The wings are really cool. But the torso could use a little work.

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I agree. You know what you’re talking about.

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Well, not necessarily…

It’s a bit too humanoid in the front and the non-angled head/body made me look hard for the arms when I realized there weren’t any. The wings are interesting, though, and the tail tip is a nice touch.

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For the size of the wings and the tail, I think the torso and legs could be significantly longer. That said, the wings look great, and aside from the proportion issues, the current torso is neat, but could use some back covering. Overall, I think this is a neat MOC.

It’s an amazing MOC, but the torso and legs ruin it. Fix those and it would be perfect.

I’m not getting much of a dragon vibe; mainly due to the head.

The front chest is rather plain and the back and tail needs some coverage, I do appreciate the skeletal wing design, but still seems incomplete overall.

It looks more like a four legged gargoyle instead of a dragon tbh
Those wings look cool though

I like the fact that the wings are actually somewhat proportionate to the rest of the body.
It’s something you don’t see very often, and it gives off the impression that the dragon could actually fly.