Xbox One X

Otherwise known by it’s project title “Scorpio,” the Xbox One X is yet another upgrade to the Xbox One, Microsoft’s current-gen console. The Xbox One X is being sold as the most powerful game system to date, boasting native 4K gaming at 60 FPS and compatibility with Xbox One games. It’s retail price is an arguably hefty $500.

Any thoughts? Would people buy this? Would you buy this?


It’s a thing. I won’t be able to buy it, but it’s a thing. Looks pretty nifty in terms of graphics capabilities.

its got a pretty stupid name, i’ll give it that.

I heard that it can run XBOX Original games, (Some are definitely being remastered)

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So the Xbox 1 S is pointless now?

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Keep in mind this technology will be commonplace and cheap within the next four, five, maybe six years.

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It’s simply too pricey for me to even consider it. I’d rather take that 500 bucks and put it towards a good gaming PC.

(Halo 6 better be play anywhere)


I would say that I won’t buy it, but that’s a lie.

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