XCOM Discussion

Okay, so here a Discussion for XCOM where we can talk about the Enemy Unknown, Enemy Within and even the Long War mod (that I need to download later) and other mods of XCOM.

Now let's talk about having a Nacho Store mod, and Eljay being in a new XCOM so he can him Jump Up the Yell.


It's a fantastic game. It's also a hard game. Good luck, commander.

Oh, also, the soundtrack is by the same guy who did the original Deus Ex soundtrack.

Indeed it is, I haven't played Enemy Within yet because I am almost done with Enemy Unknown and then after that, I going to long wars mod.

But of seeing the Xcom Nexus, I haven't see a lot of great mod to give the game something more besides Long War. It would be awesome to see a lot more mods for the game, I talking about more enemy, better texture, more helmets, better game play, all that stuff.
If I learned how to make mods one day, I would do all that to this game and hope my first mod would be adding more voices in the game of the solders (It would be awesome to have the TTV voices in the game as solders smile )

Ah, that's a lovely game. My first tactical strategy game (I've been playing RTS games longer than I can remember, though), and I loves it!
It's so satisfyingly unforgiving! One of these days I'm going to make a squad named after the Toa Mata.
Then again with the Inika, so that I can make Matoro the Volunteer, because I am evil.

I've got the EW expansion, but I want to wait till I've played through the game with expansion at least once before I add Long War, and the launcher's been bugging out for me as of late, so it looks like I'm not gonna do that for a while frowning

So ah, we lost the war guys. Our bad. Time to reclaim Earth?


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