Xenomorph alien queen moc

She is the egg bringer, the qeen of the hive. The Xenomorph queen.

Thks is a ery lage moc inspired by the “Alien” movies. She is 1 foot an 5 inches tall. Has 4 arms, one long tail, two legs, a head with a large crown, and back spikes. This is my Xenomorph queen moc. Now, be safe in space.


It looks more like the skeleton of a xenomorph to me. A rough draft of something yet to be.


I had big expectations for this one but it is kinda disappointing.

Te tail looks super messy and the legs extremely gappy, it doesn not help the extremely low camera quality and posing.

Overall as of this moment this makes me scream, but in space no one can hear me.


This is the issue I have with it, though for some reason I really like it.

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Also I really dislike those two giant white fangs, and the overall head is really gappy, at least from the neck.

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Ha haha ha. Ha


It’s okay. It doesn’t look great, but it’s a good start

It’s very… questionable. The design is rather gappy and the head doesn’t really fit the “xenomorph” look.

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Yo, @Calebmar12, get in here…

Guys is this better, excuse the trans red

/ bright red, had another idea other than this. Sorry made a mistake

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cool i guess?

Doesn’t really help the moc…

This is a cool moc, but to me it doesn’t really look like the xenomorph queen, sorry.

spoopy, but not spoopy enough