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I am really excited to give dragon ball xenoverse review. I am a big fan of dragon ball games. Lets get started.

Dragon ball Xenoverse is having infinite combination system. Unlike the other games like Battle of z, Dragon ball xenoverse controls, promises to include an all new feature, where it allows the player to strategically engage with their opponents without any meaningless button mashing. All forms of ground strike, counter strike, and melee had been designed to suit the coming title given the fact that each character has their own unique combination style. If you think every character in the dragon ball xenoverse fights the same than you are sadly mistaken.

Wondering if you could take it up to the next level and show your opponent, who is the real boss? Well you can show it in xenoverse. Unlike in dragon ball z battle of z, Dragon ball xenoverse allows their player to fully transform their character in the games during battle whenever they feel it’s necessary. Whether it’s taking it up to super saiyan 3, absorbing an android and becoming a complete or completing the further evolution, xenoverse has confirmed in game character transformation not only for premade characters such as goku, vegeta, cell, frieza, gohan and etc but your own custom characters as well. Now what does this eventually means is that there will be a lot of people transforming as the game progresses.

Dragon ball xenoverse will feature its very first character creation mode, where it allows the player to choose up to 5 different races and characters of their choice choosing to design them from scratch. These includes saiyans, Namekians, Majins , Earthlings, and of course frieza’s clan. Unlike ultimate tenkaichi where it held 95% of the limitation of players, dragon ball xenoverse holds no limitation. You can create males or females characters, equip their armors and clothing or acquire their fighting moves and finishers and much more. It makes a very unique rosters allowing the players to mash up against their own characters and leading legends such as goku, vegeta, gohan, majin buu, cell, frieza etc. So that’s just means that ultimately you will have an opportunity to put your own characters up against the legends themselves. Can you hang with the heat?

Apart of the roster that will be incorporated this year in dragon ball xenoverse, it will also feature dragon ball GT characters. Although GT is considered non canon, fans from all around the world have been begging to see the return of characters such as super 17, omega shenron and super saiyan 4 gogeta that is finally happening. The dynamic roster makes up for a great “what if? Battles”. Like the old school budokai tenkaichi, where it was limitless to what you can do with the dragon ball z rosters. I mean who wouldn’t watch super saiyan 4 gogeta battle yamcha? Right!

The story of future trunks.

Did you ever wonder what happened to future trunks? Well you are going to find out as he makes his long awaited return in dragon ball xenoverse. Trunks returns brings a great bearing of a coming apocalypse in rift in time that you are going to have to solve and take care of the things before they turn out worse. Of course having him fight alongside u and as your mentor throughout the story as the story progresses, future trunks promises to bring great depth and action as you go with him throughout time, courses of history, what you need to be fixed, and then of course correcting the path before it alters the future.

Are you tired of playing the same dragon ball z story over and over again? Well you are in luck. In Dragon ball z xenoverse, the courses of time has been changed. What would have happened if cell was able to kill gohan during their battle? What if kid buu survived the spirit bomb? What if frieza killed goku on namek? All of these will be revealed as you play the mission to fix the sands of time in the dragon ball xenoverse. But wait that’s not all, the villains in dragon ball xenoverse are also been changed. Frieza, cell, kid buu have been confirmed to hold dark powers in alternative reality, where they are much more evil and much more powerful than ever before.

With a new story comes new enemies. Mira and Towa the most evil villains of dragon ball arrived in xenoverse. They are the commanders of the Time Breakers. Although it is unknown at this point to understand their full power , mira and towa pose a great threat within the dragonball xevoverse as they have the unique power and ability to change the course of time. Now could a super saiyan 3 will be able to put a dent in them, or are they gods from alternative worlds. All of these will be explained as mira and towa look to disrupt the universe in dragon ball xenoverse.

Beerus the destroyer is back along side with Whis. The gods are making their epic returns since battle of z, more powerful than ever before. New moves, new abilities and a new “what if?” story entirely of course. They will be joined along super saiyan god goku. The battles are seemingly endless. Imagine Berrus vs omega shenron, super saiyan god goku vs super saiyan 4 goku. Do you think you can take tangle with the gods? Find out everything in dragon ball xenoverse.

It’s time to take things up to the next level. Dragon ball xenoverse online mode has gone far and above the previous game battle of z with equal balances allowing the players to battle 1 on 1, 2 on 2 and 3 on 3. Dragon ball xenoverse online promises to give everything you ever wanted in dragon ball online video game, from various game types to choose from wage wars with your friends and battle for your life.

I hope you guys enjoyed my dragon ball xenoverse review. Let me know what you guys think about this game. And if you already played this game or planning to buy this game, on what platform are you guys looking to wage wars on?

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