Xenox the explorer

This is an old MOC of mine but even after all these years he still looks good. Xenox is from a species of incredibly small aliens who built mech suits to enhance themselves. They travel the galaxy on a mission to find new life forms and inhabitable planets.

A look on the inside.

Size comparison. Even though the mech makes him taller, he's still quite small.

A friendly handshake.

Hope you enjoyed. Leave any constructive criticism below.



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Moved Catagory.

A very interesting design

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I love the canopy opening function on the top

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It's almost as cute as that Nuhvok va.
Good job :grinning:

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It's kinda cute.

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0/10, not enough Dora.


Interesting little fella, looks really good. I especially appreciate the unusual usage of the Tridax Pod. :smile:

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That's not Grammar, it's spelling, and you spelled Grammar wrong. :laughing:


Simple, but it works. The tridax pod sticks out a bit to me.

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Okay, I was referring to "Catagory".

That driver is adorable. The mech suit is good, too.

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I know. That isn't incorrect grammar, it's just incorrect spelling.

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I got to say this looks pretty good.
Nice arms.

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