Xev's Lego Minecraft MOC

This MOC was created exclusively from parts to a few Lego Minecraft sets:

Two of “The Cave”

One of “The Mine”

One of “The Farm”

And “Crafting Box”

I tried to mimic the style of the sets but also bring in more details from the game. The cave area underneath was designed to imply a larger cave system while still having decent content. The surface was designed to reduce the unsightly gaps in the original sets.

I hope you like it.


This is rather cool.

It really demonstrates the potential of the line…


This looks really neat man.



This is really great.

reminds me that I need to get mine out

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I like the whole side view cut in half thing here.
I think it would be better if the train had more blocks instead of just being plates with pillars on them.

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The cave would have more parts but as I mentioned in the original post I was limiting myself to parts I looted from my Minecraft sets.

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He may have meant terrain and it was auto corrected?


I would not have left that cave with any mob alive.

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Well you see Lego Steve is not as smart as you and I.

He still doesn’t realize he should put torches to stop mobs or wear greaves. (Lego has not yet done iron pants and I’m not buying Phasma just to do that)

This is a big. A very big.
I like it.

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congratulations you win the “fix my mistake award”

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