Xiarak, Toa of iron (selfMOC)

this is my fist time I have tried to do some “proper” MOCing for like a year.

it is said that no matoran has ever ventured futher south than the volcanic island of artidax, however, long before any matoran could remember a large group of fe matoran travelled to an island in the southern regions. thousands of years later, the village of attacked by a pack of vicious invisible rahi. the whole village was destroyed except xiarak who went to a cave for shelter and saw a glowy thing and touched it.
he carries a rohtuka spinner that can cocoon a target with a crust of metal.
he can shoot protosteel chains from his hands.
he carries some guns.



guns(they detach from his thighs)
<img src="/uploads/db5640/original/3X/8/c/8c827b9c8a782b7d8005ee407905c057007e6ce2.jpg" width=“375” height=“500”



but it is a coincidence that my Self Moc has a Grey Hau
what Colour are the Eyes?


Dark green eyes


OK i am Suing you

My Moc eyes are also Dark Green

Nice Moc but the Rohtuka spinner seems a bit odd


well, fe matoran usually make weapons so why not give a toa of iron loads of weapons!

Not in fanon :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Fan made content

as in stories and the like

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Yes… Yes.

@Windfall Is there a consistent story line for fanon?

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Each fan usually has their own alternate universe, so you could say that.

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Well then how can a fact in someones own universe not be in fanon?

Its an alternate universe. Fanon is anything created by a fan.

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Yeah, but I don’t get why what he said about Motoran going futher south then artidax. How is that not fanon?

Because in my fanon universe specifically, the whole MU is pretty evenly populated, not to mention the other universes.

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I recommend armouring the torso, changing this:

with something less ugly, making the mask fit the colourscheme, and rebuilding the weapons
otherwise, its ok

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The torso feels slightly square/rectangular-ish making it feel slightly less natural (I know they are meant to be biological robots but still) other than that a simple, yet decent looking moc.



Okay. It makes sense now.

Because read this from Makuta’s guide to the universe :

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