Xing1870 Mass MOC Page #1

I like to create smaller MOCs in between larger projects. This time I went overboard. Some of these are good, some are complete crap, but I don't think they're significant enough to have their page.

Kymer Glek

Jungle Droid

Kymer Chisk

Turtle Droid (derp)

Cthulhu Droid

Toa Duochron

The Gardener (Kymer)

Toa Foren

His backpack is a bohrak!

I'm working on a storyline and it's almost complete. Soon you will find out about the Kymer, the Droids and many others on the island of-


Some of the MOCs are a bit basic, but I really like Foren and the Cthulu Droid.


Interesting MOCs, my favorite are probable the Turtle Droid and the Cthulhu Droid.

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Not really bad in a way, if I'm honest the av matoran torso isn't used too terribly.

Can't complain, maybe his arms are a little weird.

This is just a metrutoran wha-

Kind of a turtle... if it can hide itself.

No complaints, mind you.

no please those bangs i just

The figure is awkward, but I'll give you points if those hedgeclippers can snap back and forth.

Orange and green is a good colorscheme. The MOC is ok.

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The Cthulhu is my favorite :smile:

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Oops. This guy's crap but I forgot to add him.


That's what happens when you take a picture from the front.

Actually, they still look like bangs...


On the Nui-Kono the jets look a bit weird, but the rest of it looks great

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Nice mocs the droids are my favorites

some of these are legit really cool, like the Cthulhu Droid

These MOCs look pretty cool, but I really like Toa Foren's unique colour scheme

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love the mega flight drone.

I love the Cthulhu one :smile:

Ok the nui kono is pretty sweet.