Xplode Revamp

Just like my Meltdown revamp,


here it goes for Xplode. Since you guys liked the last one so much!



If you’ll notice, I tried my best to keep the colors the same as the original. The bones for the torso and arms are black on the revamp, and the dark red bones of the thighs and chest armor is then translated to the remake as well.

Well there you go

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Who knows? maybe one will be there that is not here?


Ok, I this is an awesome revamp. I actually like it a bit more than your Meltdown revamp. My only complaint is that his meteor blaster is little bit small Also, why is there technic on his staff? It’s not that it’s bad or anything, I’m just confused as to why it’s there. I kinda wish he had glatorian hands as well. Still, this revamp is awesome!

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Excellently done. My only issues are that he has the dark red plate under his head (it’s weird for the colors) and that while the shin guards are clever, they don’t quite fit his look.
Great job!



You forgot about one weapon that’s not empty…MEEE! Haw-haw-haw-haw-haw!

Anyways, nice revamp. He definitely looks like he hit the gym since the last time we saw him. I wish you added more spikes on his shoulders though; now that his body is much larger, the one-piece spike plates don’t stand out as much. Those were his most defining trait.

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Love it! He could use some more spikes though.

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I would buy this.
I love it.

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The Glatorian chin guards on his upper legs look a little odd, but apart from that this is solid.

I saw the lower legs and loved it. The dragon heads work perfectly…

Dem legs… 0-0

I tried to put the spike pads on his shoulders, but that didn’t work very well, and since i only ever had one Xplode, I couldn’t add any more. Thanks

@king328 The reason the dark red piece is there is because it corresponds with the original set, which also had a dark red piece.

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I do wish I got explode. This was a cool revamp.

He definitely gives off a menacing look. Great job.

YES! I love it!

Not sure for the hand and feet, but everything is :bomb: .

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I really like the MOC’s design, but it needs some more yellow in the overall colour scheme.

Yeah, but the original did not have it so…

man, this is so cool, I love these revamps

I’ve always liked X-plode’s design, and this revamp makes him look twice as good. Yeah, it may sound weird, but the first HF villain wave is my favorite

Actually quite terrifying :frowning:

A very good revamp. I didn’t ever care about HF but I liked the idea behind or the design of specific characters. Xplode wasn’t one of them but I still think this revamp is really awesome. ^^