Xucotal; avatar of destruction

Name; called xucotal but doesn’t have an official name
Gender; looks and sounds male
Abilities; can destroy anything it touches and can erase existence.

My only idea making this was taking two opposite powers and making 2 Mocs with opposite body types and genders for each; basically complete opposites in every way. You could consider him v2 but all I really changed was the head and legs.


Like v1 he can wear the Sheild as a hat and like the avatar or creation has another sword stored on his back.

Creation and destruction together


He has a very interesting head design

Yeah. I went with a death / goat skull look since this is the more demonic looking avatar.
Swagmeister; that might just be becuase it’s mostly black. I can see if I can get a better picture.

It’s a little hard to see because honestly it’s a little cluttered.


Head feels weird

wish he had more color

like trans red or something



That is a dominating abomination! An Adomination!

The build itself seems a bit cluttered, and I honestly prefer the hat.

Certainly looks the part of a destroyer. The name reminds me of an Aztec god.

I got to say this looks great.
Really gives off a “destroyer” vibe but the head looks weird.