Xv10 "harpie queen" mecha

I got bored and decided to play a few duels on yugioh devpro (I quit a year ago around the time arc v began.) well one of the decks I played against were harpie ladies and I was inspired to make a harpy based mech.

The design was nearly entirely based on an earlier gundam ish mech design. (The cockpit is the silver slope on the chest.) Standard ball joints on the limbs with posable wings, claws, and talons so they can look semi connected no matter how you pose the arms.

I reworked the original guns so they can be placed on "her"shoulders now.

Original mech design.

And then the remains of the original Without modified parts (mostly just the head, arms, and feet.)


Pretty cool, I like the design of the torso and legs!

I always was a fan of micro-mechs. Fantastic work.