Xylobone: Master of the Darkstone

Here is the original: http://www.moc-pages.com/moc.php/409657

Here is V2: http://www.moc-pages.com/moc.php/410110


I’m not really sure what this thing is supposed to be but I like it. Very much. It looks very Halloweeny. I don’t like the stumpy-looking feet though.

9.5 out of ten because I don’t know what it is meant to be, but the build and look are amazing.



it looks menacing and cool


I dont understand what you guys mean by, you don’t know it it is. It is a guy, a skele-monster with a spiky collar and digitigrade legs…and horns…


Does he have a counterpart? Like maybe a Master of the Lightstone? That’d be cool. He could have a white-yellow color scheme to counter the black and purple! idk. This build was well-executed in my opinion. Gives off just the right sense of madness. Good job!

This MOC gives off a very chaotic feel and I like it. The colors work well together and the size is pretty impressive from what I can gather.

Overall an awesome MOC! =D

Too many skulltans recently.
I really like those feet.

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This is terrifying. I love it.

This is what UtD should’ve been…

Thank you!

The head seems a bit small, but other than that, beautiful!

Pretty awesome!

Everything about this MOC is amazing!

Great job, man!

holy crap this is amazing

Lookd great

With a name like Xylobone, I was disappointed that there was nothing xylophone related in his design.
Coulda been a great pun.

That said, this is a REALLY impressive MOC.


I was reading through this topic hoping nobody had said that, 'cuz I wanted to.

But anyway, needs more music stuff…

It’s beautiful! I love the collection of horns, but the glow in the dark pieces kind of stick out too much for my tastes.