Ya Boi, Guzma

Important! Please read: I did this from memory, so I am aware that some details are wrong.

So, I’ve been particularly fond of Team Skull lately, and specifically their boss Guzma. Under normal circumstances, I would hate the way he talks, but for some reason, I find it absolutely hilarious! Because I love G so much, I did up this pic of the bug trainer with a butterfly. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy! All comments and constructive criticism are very much appreciated.

(Also, I’m happy because I finally found my style!)


Yey Guzma.

Let the memes begin. I actually really like the inclusion of a butterfly, I dunno why.

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The perspective shrinkage seems a tad extreme, but other than that, it’s great.

The grumpiness, and the butterfly are pretty great…

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Something is horribly wrong with his right hand. Far too small. Also, you may want to redraw the folds on his right sleeve, it would make it a bit more natural.

Glad to see you found your style though, this looks great! I especially like the way you drew the hood.

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Yeah, I tried to make his hand bigger, but I guess it wasn’t big enough. I’m going to need more practice. Also, I can’t really change the folds on the sleeves, as I’ve inked it, but for future reference, how would you suggest I do it?

Anyways, I’m glad you like it! Personally, I didn’t really think I did a good job on the hood, but I’m really happy to be corrected!

Try aligning them with his forearm a bit. To make it less awkward, you may want to extend the upper arm out a little.

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Ok, thanks! I’ll keep that in mind!