I'll just start out by saying that I'm not an experienced mocist/mocer/whatever the terminology is. I built this felow a while back and is one of the earliest MOCs that I have. So, here you go.

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I drew inspiration from the Meta from Red vs Blue. I wanted the armor to be asymmetrical but still unified and even attempted to make a visor that completely covered the face. I also saw Yaelnor as a hunting character, killing rahi out in the wilderness. Not sure if that came across well.


Nice use of the Tridax pod as the head! I don't have much to say about the rest of the build as it is really simple, however it's got a pretty cool color scheme without have too many color breakers smile

Yeah, that use of the Tridax pod is awesome. smiley

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I want a better shot of the body, it looks interesting enough with the Ehlek head.

It's actually pretty complicated considering my talent level. It' designed to be on a waist joint and allow for the swords and blaster to store on the back. The one criticism I have with it are the weird thin thighs and waist.


Pretty good! It's a bit messy in places though. Also, mixing three different greens isn't the best idea most of the time. smiley