Yakera The Steam Punk Warrior

Gender: Male

Powers: None

Concept and Ideas: Ok, Maybe for starters we can start with the mask. I wanted to use a mask that had a scope on it in which this case it would be kopaka's mask. But I don't have his mask so I went with plan B which was to make a custom mask with system parts. This moc wasn't actually supposed to be a steam punk but more cyborg, the steam punk came from one of my friends who suggested that he should be steam punk based on his build. His arm canon was based on literally Cyborgs arm canon and mega mans arm canon. And for the color, I wanted to have a moc that used yellow parts because I don't have a moc that is yellow.


Cool gearz and feet.
The tubes are nice too.

I really like this guy 10/10.

The fact that you separated the word steampunk lead me to believe that it was supposed to be a fusion of actual steampuck aspects and punk rock :smile:

Those rad rocky spikes on his thighs, spiky feet, angular Bohrok eyes and angry-looking mask kinda do portray that look though :stuck_out_tongue:

Doesn't exactly scream steampunk. Maybe robotic or cyborg-ic, but not really steampunk.

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Feet look odd and...

Yellow or keetorange almost never look good together... Pick one and stick with it i'd say.

This is pretty cool!