Yasei Aka - The 'Wild Red"

A bloodthirsty creature with deadly claws and a nearly impenetrable armored shell. He’s not the fastest or most agile fighter. But he makes up for it through sheer ferocity and being almost impossible to defend against.

The name in Japanese means “wild red”, if translated verbatim.


Best use of a Ben 10 head i’ve ever seen. A tail would look awesome


awesome use of the Ben10 head

and the rest looks good too :tongue:

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Thanks! You’re right - a tail would be a great addition. This is definitely one of those MOCs I’d love to tweak because I’ve become a much better builder over the past few months since I made this (and my parts collection has grown as well). But I’ve long since dismantled him, so his memory only lives on in digital form.

Maybe one day I’ll go back and re-vamp from scratch. But I feel like I’ve got so many new ideas in my head that it’s kinda hard to go back.

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I love this guy. It’s clear you’ve looked at that head and used its design to set the style for the rest of the build. I do think he’d look better with something smooth for the chest instead of those two add-on parts, but the rest is phenomenal. Nice repetition with those black armour parts on the keetorange shells on the upper arms and legs.


As others have said, you REALLY used the Ben 10 head well here, it fits the MOC wonderfully.

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The ben10 head fits here very well and the shaping is nice.

Is that a Ben 10 head I see?!

I like it


This looks very cool!

Love that colour scheme.

Sorry for the bad pun


Uses a Ben 10 head well 10\10
But that’s just an opinion, my opinion

I gotta give ya props on the Swampfire head.

As for the rest of the MOC though, I feel like the lines, especially in the torso, seem unfocused.

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Love it!