Yautis of Agimel

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“A fierce axe warrior from the frozen plains of Agimel with the strength of an ox.”

Not much to say about this guy, just wanted to make a knight dude with some new techniques I was messing around with and this came out. Was a bit influenced by Dark Souls and such.

Thanks for taking a look!


This entire MOC is amazing, and wow you’re so good at making custom heads.


Beautiful work all over. You are great at getting all the armor bits to fit together; as always the face is also excellent. Great job!


Wow! This is outstanding!

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The shaping on that helmet is downright gorgeous.

I love it.

How you did this: I don’t know

Do I care: No, cos this is awesome

This MOC is pretty great. Knight MOCs can be pretty fantastic sometimes and this is no exception. Would love to see more MOCs in this style.

That helmet though.

Really impressive and well done moc, man!

The Dark Soul is strong with this one.

This is just great. But how did that head happen.

I Must Know


The Bull motif is great…

That head is absolutely incredible. I love it! :smiley:

This is just really awesome. Amazing work.

That head is absolutely amazing

o_o that head build is mindblowing. (the rest is great too, but that’s definitely the highlight).

Everything about this MOC is fantastic: the consistency of the textures, the shaping, and the weapon.

I can tell you use system in your inner structures.
If you don’t, I’m even more amazed than I already am.
You are among the best moccists I’ve seen, and this moc holds its own against anything.
The shaping is simply beautiful, the textures are great, and parts usage is 20/10.
Great job.
Teach me your ways

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The face (especially in the side angle) reminds me of Meta Knight. The eyes are too similar. That, of course, isn’t a bad thing.

I love this moc, and pretty much everything about it.

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This is great! It’s probably my favorite MOC out of the ones you posted here. You did an exceptional job with the head, it looks like a real helmet.

For some reason it vaguely reminds me of armored up Undyne from Undertale, but I can’t really explain why.

The head is glorious!

the eyes are off putting and it would be nice if there were more pictures in different poses and views