Yellow Rahkshi

So, it’s a popular fan headcanon that the yellow Rakshi is female, thanks to Noah Productions I think. (I adore him.) I think the idea of a 7th Rakshi being something of a little sister would be cute, especially if it was canon that Teridax never had time to name her. Maybe she would try extra hard to impress or something. Always living in the shadow of those who must never see the light of day. I know she has heat vision powers, but is there a name? Or, at least a fan name for her/him? If not, let’s think of one!

I know there were swarms of the yellow Rakshi, and there are other problems with this post, but just go with me on this.

Thanks @Waj, still getting used to this.

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I’ve always thought of the Rahkshi as not actually having a specified genders. It was already dumb enough with the gender specific Elements for the Matoran anyway, so why brother giving it to the Rahkshi?


Especially since the Rahkshi don’t have much in the way of character traits to make assigning a gender worthwhile.


Canonically the Rahkshi don’t really have any personality or gender at all and I think it would be odd if they did seeing as they are just a robotic shell controlled by a small slug. The Bohrok and Vahki didn’t have any personality or gender either besides one programed goal.

You can still give some head canon personality and gender to the ugly slugs if you really want to, I don’t see why you would though.


Hey don’t be mean. Rahkshi have plenty of character traits like… venom or… um… fear? General malice? That’s a character trait right?


Takarahk? I know, very creative…

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The rakshi aren’t even technically characters, they’re slugs made from the essence of a Makuta piloting mechs made from other slugs, they follow orders and destroy, if you were to give them a gender it would be the same as the Makuta they came from, though I doubt they have the biology or sentience to make that distinction necessary.
tl:dr the rahski aren’t characters, they don’t have personalities, they don’t have genders, they are effectively weapons, biomechanical vahki if you will.


Yes, you’re all very right. probably because you all basically reworded the same message 17 times.

But I did say to go with me on this. As if the Rakshi did have more characterization.

Either way, I guess it’s a dumb subject anyway.

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Well in any of your own creations or interpretations you could really do what ever you wanted with them but in your original post it sounded like proposing that idea fitting in actual canon which would just be contradicted.

To actually talk in if’s I suppose having the stars rahkshi be a little sister like character or having something to prove could work. Rahkshi designs do look more feminine than anything else and stars rahkshi is one stubby little thing.

As for a name, a kraata of heat vision is apparently black and orange so their closest elemental correlation would probably be with plasma (either that or iron), so something like Surahk would probably be best bet at a name based on the actual naming conventions. I don’t see that being adopted though, everyone seems fine calling it yellow or stars rahkshi.

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Except that one would likely already be taken, since Plasma is another one of the 42 Kraata Variations. Given that Heat is generally associated with Fire, Turahk is essentially Tahu’s Rahkshi counterpart, and the only “vision” masks available prior to 2003 (the year of their original release) were the Akaku and Ruru, I’d propose that the proper title for a Rahkshi of Heat Vision would be somewhat akin to either Huvarahk or Huvurahk.
As for the gender issue, we actually have an RPG on BZP known as Corpus Rahkshi, and the way it’s handled over there is that Kraata are initially genderless (or gender-neutral), but can adopt one if they so choose, based off of the traits and mannerisms they observe and take a liking to before incorporating into their own self-identity. So basically, we now have Children of Makuta, which includes Sons, Daughters, and everything outside or in-between.


There were, uh, actually swarms of all Rahkshi, so, uh…

I don’t think the Yellow Rahkshi/Heat Vision Rahkshi ever had a name, It’s always been in my head-canon that Y-Rahkshi was just called Rahkshi. maybe that is what they are called :thinking:

That’s the point of the topic, the OP wants to come up with a name/personality since there isn’t one yet.

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I’m going to say this now: I’m pretty sure Rahkshi and Kraata don’t have genders.

Why would you need to give them genders? Kraata are created from the Makuta to corrupt masks and do the Makuta’s bidding. To be fair, a Makuta would probably end up creating a new form of rahkshi with genders if given the chance, but why would a basic Rahkshi need a gender? What function would it serve?

Character building and backstory purposes. Not saying that this couldn’t be done with a gender-neutral being, mind you, but people in general tend to favor things a bit more when they can actually identify with them, regardless of how they choose to define themselves. Look up any Rahkshi MoC or enter any RPG where they’re playable, and I can almost guarantee that they’ll be labled with some form of gender pronoun.
Also, if you want to get technical about it, the term “Sons of the Makuta” seems to imply that they’re all canonically male. So by that logic, they already have one, and that was all Lego’s doing.

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I think these yellow Rahkshi would be counterparts to Takanuva and should be called “Takanuurahk” or something.

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Considering that Rahkshi are pieces of a Makuta’s energy, I’d say they have the same gender as the Makuta who made Them. So the yellow rahkshi would be male since Teridax was.

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Great idea, @ToaWaster704!

I like the name Cerakh.

Technically, rahkshi are mutant Kraata corpses and probably don’t have genders. Kraata don’t have any signs of gender and wouldn’t need them as they are created in a unnatural way. So, I think rahkshi are genderless. I assume they would identify as male as it seems to be the default gender inside the matoran universe. About personality traits, it’s hard to tell the traits of an entire species.