Yesterday Quest Mocs

This is my moc of Kabrua from the yesterday quest. I wanted to show off my other mocs too but the dumb site wont let me post images or more than 2 links. You guys have to fix that. I only have one picture of kabrua as I had since deconstructed him.

Here's the link to the video:

PS. Please fix it so that everyone can upload images. Apparently it doesn't let new users upload images for some stupid reason. That rule must die...


U are Dakota Conn? open_mouth

The site doesn't allow users with a trust level of Zero to upload images for the sake of preventing possibly trolls from uploading pictures people wouldn't want to see. As soon as you gain trust level One, which is easy, you'll be able to upload images.


You can post link to imgur as far as i remember! stuck_out_tongue

I like it, but his chest armor is a little weird. Very nice stinger tail, btw.


Chest incredibly weird. He also has @Hawkflight's nightmare, Garret Syndrome.

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Very long and skinny.

No no, that's Phos Syndrome

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