Yink's drawing stuffs (Art Topic)

so I went and made an art topic,

sort of just for occasional sketches I do and stuff.

so yeah. art and stuff.


Chibi Den-O and the Nyrans are my favs.


Not bad at all! I especially like the fourth one, with what looks like a Turaga, and a smoking tower in the background.

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The Nyran Altair one looks like his mask is broken and he’s crying… (It’s just oil guys, don’t worry ;))

But yeah, good job on these mate, keep drawing!


yup, that was on purpose.

[quote=“BioRaiders532, post:4, topic:5661”]
But yeah, good job on these mate, keep drawing!


Two nyrans?

Payinku loves nyran


seriously tho, nice art m8

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Dat Ek

is so pro

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The Ek Neck tho.


Ek is a serpentine! :open_mouth:


blimey! he only went and done some art again!
yes, he has, I’ve finally made some more art.

@tak210 , I told you the avohkii would be terribad,

and someone else who has done art of me @Creep

hope you two like the art.


Other than offcentered head+hood part, it looks preety nice! I reali like furr details (furr is better than fur :P)

I was drawn! I actually don’t mind that Avohkii, it looks similar to the one in mask of life. Good job man!

“Mask of Life” now with more Cliches!

I don’t think that’s possible

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that would be my fault for trying to render 3 dimensions on a 2d plain.
if you can see the body as slightly turned it sort of fixes that.
but yeah, I see it too.

[quote=“tak210, post:12, topic:5661”]
it looks similar to the one in mask of life.
[/quote]so, terribad?

I’m glad you guys liked them.

I thought it was turned so it was fine to me

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Hey! more art!

this is actually not that recent, I just never bothered uploading it anywhere
I’m sure some of you know who this is,

RIP Joel’s hair

in other art, I decided to redraw my avatar now that I’ve developed a style,
the mask is a bit wonky, in fact the entire thing it a bit rough.

but it does show off my snazzy new signature
(in the future the P will look less like an A)


I’m jealous of your hair.

I drew a thing.

finally have some color pens.


I drew another thing.

so, I love undertale,
so I made some pixel art in the dialogue box style,
then I got bored and made an entire emotions sheet.

also, I think this is the first time I’ve posted art without the kakama.