Yo-Kai Watch

So recently Nintendo put out a game called Yo-Kai Watch where you go around befriending Japanese Yokai and fight other Yokai.

VizMedia has been toting this game as the next Pokemon... Now stop laughing and continue reading.

Discuss away guys. If you want to know what I think of the game so far, swing by my DA page and look for a journal called: "Yo-Kai Watch: Thoughts and stuff." No promoting or advertising intended. It's a lengthy journal and I do not want to summarize it in this topic.

Don't know much about it; but I do know is this.

Okay, so I got a notification on my 3DS for the Yo-kai demo, and I thought "Cool, but that's not for me."
The next time I turned on my DS, Nintendo already put the icon on my menu.

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Browsing through the Yo-Kai Watch Wiki, most of the Yokai seem kinda ugly...

Anyone have something good to say about it based on personal experience?

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The game is alright. Nothing spectacular, but alright. I really like some of the designs of the Yokai (like Gush, Blazion, Negatibuzz, Cadin, and Whisper). Also I think Whisper is a cool character.

That is a couple of the few good things I can say about it.