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Yolkbuster MEGA

Prepare to have your brains… scrambled…

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Not only has someone found a use for the ancient silver Rahkshi backs that isn’t completely overdone, but they also found a use for the silver Mata Suva.

And a use for the Infamous Yellow Bohrok face shield.

I love this.

This is too good.

This is…



The name alone had me cracking up. This is legit great, though! It looks both intimidating and hilarious. Be warned, people are going to crack so many egg jokes that the topic will only be a shell of it’s former glory. You’ll get quite eggsasperated.


Looks like it’s about to lay an eggcellent amount of waste that’ll have it’s enemies clucking like chickens from being beaten. Will they live another day to hatch a new plan?


Love this so much! So shapy! BUT… Seeing the feet…I think it was a pain for you to pose him!

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“Veronica, we need something that will poach the enemy…”

Missed one, @Kardax

This looks awesome! I love it! Lots of cool parts that make it fun to look at!


Don’t you mean Al eggs andria?


Yet another absolutely fantastic build. How do you do it?

Edit: Oh crap I forgot to make an egg related pun!
Edit 2: I think I’ve got it. This mech sure has a hard shell. Que the drumroll, I’ll be here all week please help I’m trapped. I want to see my family again.


Okay, this is epic.

Unfunny yolks aside, this is fantastic.


That gun looks more like it boils the enemy, you should give him some soldiers

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This is one shell of a design! Dare I say eggselent. No yolks about it.

This is just amazing. It’s huge and imposing. I love massive death tank on the back.

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Man, he’s so complex! I bet the build didn’t go over easy!

Overall, he’s eggcellent! One shell of a MOC, really! It’s leaving me all sunny side up.

Love the tank on his back too. Makes him look totally hard boiled!

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Please name him or her eggbert…

Also his teggsturing is fantastic

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it hurts. it really does

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Wonderful moc.
This is great and I like the shaping and the colors and textures. This is one of my favorite mocs I have seen in a while. Next you should make the baconator (though it is a burger from Wendy’s).

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Oh boy, that’s a lotta egg puns :laughing: So much I don’t think I could properly mention/respond to them all individually but you guys really put a smile on my face with them.

Thanks! Filling in the ammo drum was definitely a challenge. But it’s something that I’ve been wanting to build for a while and the rahkshi backs and Canister lids were the best options I had for this scale.

Oh, I got more than I bargained for across all platforms :sweat_smile: Glad you like the mech!

Thank you! Surprisingly, posing isn’t a big challenge despite the feet. They’re able to support more weight than you might think. The problem with posing comes with the ammo drum and chaingun though. Without those, he can pull off a variety of poses.

That’s a better pun than I thought up with. Glad to hear you like the moc! These big guys are tough but I think the results speak for themselves.

Thanks! The real secret is to not post something you know won’t get a good reaction :smiling_imp: but real talk I like to prioritize shape and color over techniques and I run these mocs by a lot of friends and get their input during the build process.

Thank you! The chicken pilot does, in fact, have a name. His name is Benedict. Texturing can be hard on the big guys unless you cheat like this one and use a lot of really big, smooth pieces.

:b:erhaps :thinking: lmao thank bro. Glad you like it that much!

:smirk: :point_right: :point_right: take notes y’all


breathes in

Oh, I frequently think
every now and then
of the glorious fruit
of the noble hen
Eggs! Eggs! E, double-G, S-eggs
My knowledge of eggs
is tremendously wide
I’ve eaten them boiled,
I’ve eaten them fried
Poached and shirred
and deviled and scrambled
Hummeled, shmummeled,
cuddled, and frammeled
I’ve eaten them beaten
and swizzled and swuzzled
Frizzled, cadizzled, bamboozled, and fuzzled
I know every way
that an egg can be guzzled
And thinking of eggs
reminds me of Sam
Whose favorite dish
Is green eggs and ham.

Props to the one person who knows what this is.

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How the fr*cc would anyone not know the glorious words of Doctor Seuss?

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If I had to complain I’d say the lower legs get too thin and the feet are too small. Otherwise, beautiful. He looks like he could put the hurt on someone.

Please rename it Yolkbuster Megga dude, it kills me when I don’t see the extra joke