Yoshi moc

Mario’s happy dinosaur pal done in lego.

So lately I’ve been sharpening my microscale skills with small projects. This one came about from fooling around with the green technic figure helmet and thinking, wow that would be perfect for Yoshi’s nose.

So I shoved a smaller helmet underneath to make his jaw. Pretty neat eh?


I absolutely love the head of this MOC. the arms and some of the mid section of the body look a bit too blocky and thin for such a smooth head, but it’s still a solid MOC.


Respect. Working on this small of a scale is incredibly difficult, ya done good mah boi


why did you have to give me nightmares…


So much yes.

Whats this madness? Where those pics taken outside?

This. This is glorious.
Seriously, this is great. And it’s Yoshi, which makes it better.

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Thanks, and yes, I did the pictures outside and edited them in gimp.

Unless he can poop eggs, this MOC is a 100/10.

Sorry, couldn’t incorporate functions at this scale, bodily or otherwise.


I love how you were able to capture the character in such a small scale, looks great!


Time for smash bros lego stop motion. Oh wait.

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This overall captures the look of the character well, particularly the head design. The arms are a little thin though.

The head is perfect, although the body seems a bt too straight and thin.

Can the tongue pop out? :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, couldn’t incorporate functions at this scale. Though I suppose you could replace the cylinder in its mouth with a bar compatible element to add a tongue.

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Your stunning use of parts really emulates Yoshi’s character. Well done.

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Looks awesome! On the strange side but I mean so is Yoshi so it works. Great parts usage. Definitely one of the best “Nintendo Figure” MOCs I’ve ever seen.

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Wish you moved the eyes a bit so we can appreciate Derpy Yoshi.

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Looked great until I saw this…

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